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Artificial Intelligence
Related technologies that try to simulate and reproduce human though behavior, including thinking, speaking, feeling, and reasoning
A mechanized system that performs physical tasks, typically which are simple and respective, and can free workers from tedious or hazardous jobs
Expert System
A computer program that mimics human expertise in a particular field to solve a problem in well-defined area
Heuristic Knowledge
In Expert Systems, rules related to a problem or discipline
Case Based Reasoning
Problem solving technique compares new cases (problems) with previously solved cases and solutions, both of which are stored in a database, and if no match is found, then a human expert is used to solve the problem
Intelligent Agent
Software capable of reasoning and following rule-based processes
Data Mining
Intelligent agent working with a data warehouse, detecting trends and discovering new information and relationships among data items
Fuzzy Logic
An extension of traditional (true/1 and false/0) logic which allows a continuous set of partial truths (any number from 0 to 1) and is used to model linguistic terms which use degrees of membership
Artificial Neural Networks
Software that uses computer models of collections of biological neurons, which simulate learning and can perform tasks which are difficult for traditional algorithms
Genetic Algorithms
Search algorithms which generate new sets of possible solutions by combining traits from older, good solutions in different combinations, mimicking the natural selection and evolutionary process
Natural Language Processing
Which term refers techniques which were developed so users could communicate with computers in human language
Contextual Computing
A computing environment that is always present, is aware of its surroundings, and offers recommendations
Database Security
A set of established procedures, standards, policies, and tools that is used to protect data from theft, misuse, and unwanted intrusion, activities, and attacks
A corrupted sector on a hard disk which causes a database table to have some data garbled is a failure of this
A software glitch which allows unauthorized users to view protected, private information in violation of federal law is an example of failure to keep this.
The loss of access to a protected database view due to untimely death of the only employee to know a password is an example of this.
An individual who breaks into a network without authorization with the hope of destroying and/or stealing information
An individual who has mastered firmware and software of modern computer systems and enjoys exploration and analysis of network security, usually without intent to cause harm
Social Engineer
An individual who uses human interaction to manipulate people to gain access to systems
Hacking into a website and modifying to react differently to users than the original web site designers intent
Building a web site to resemble a popular web site in order to trick users into providing sensitive information
SQL injection
Appending malicious code onto a database-directed URL in order to manipulate the database into sending confidential information
DNS poisoning
Changing the information in a DNS server to redirect requests to fake web sites intended to trick users into providing sensitive information
Trying to get people to reveal sensitive information by using spoofed e-mail addresses and URLs
Type of computer crime that is the "Nigerian political refugee letter"
Pull Technology
In which type of distribution is content transferred only when the user explicitly requests it?
Push Technology
In which type of distribution is content automatically sent to the user, who has subscribed to it previously?
Virtual Reality
Which term refers to a three dimensional, interactive, computer generated simulation of an environment?
Egocentric Environment
Which term refers to VR environment in which the user is totally immersed in a VR world, typically using VR googles, a head mounted display, or a virtual retinal display?
Exocentric Environment
Which term refers to a VR environment based on a window view on a screen?
Which terms refers a virtual environment consisting of a cube shaped room whose walls are rear projected screens, which form a holographic environment which can create, capture, and display images in true three dimensional form?
Augmented Reality
Which term refers to a branch of virtual reality that generates a virtual scene overlaid upon an actual scene?
Which term refers to a small device consisting of a microchip and an antenna, which give a unique identification for the tag or attached object?
Quick Response (QR) Codes
Which term refers to a matrix barcode consisting of black modules on a white background, which can be read by a camera, such as on a smartphone?
Which type of networking is a broadband wireless technology based in IEEE.802.16 standards, which is designed for wireless Metropolitan Area Network (MANs) with a range of about 30 miles for fixed stations and 3-10 miles for mobile stations?
Grid Computing
Which term refers to combining the computing powers of numerous computers, pooling their resources in order to solve large scale calculations which would not be feasible on a single computer?
Utility Computing
Which term refers to the delivery of IT services on demand, payed for on an as-needed basis, similar to the way consumers pay for utilities such as heat and water?
Which term refers to technologies and techniques that involve the structure and composition of materials on a nanoscale (billionths of a meter)?