law and ethics

20 terms by ekervin10

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Mentional in reference to legal source that support a propsition of law to be estabilished

District Court

division of the trial court (federal or state), serving a specific geographic area, with only one judge usually required to hear and decide a case


Holding or held in trust




an act done with intent to kill the victim


one who brings a court action against another


unlawful sexual intercourse with a female against her will


rrehabilitation of a criminal; changed behavior

Respectable Minority

miniority acceptable to its peer group


restriction of liberty


something given or demanded in payment or as a puishment for crminal wrongdoing


forcible stealing of the personal property of another either from his/her person or in the immediate presence of the victim


right to protect oneself reasonably from acts of violence or threatned violence


unnatural compulation of human beings with each other or with animals


pertaining to a law

Strict Liability

responsibility of a seller or manufacturer for any defective product unduly threatening personal safty

Superior Court

court of general jurisdiction to which a case is removed for trial or appeal


stealing property without consent of the owner


private wrong or injury, other than breach of contract, for which the court will provide a remedy


donw with reckless disregard of another's rights or needs

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