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Izzy Social Studies Unit 2


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How did the first people come to America?
They moved across the land bridge from Asia.
What can archaeologists learn from artifacts?
How people lived in the past.
What did archaeologists learn when they found Paleo-Indians' stone spear points?
They were hunters.
Which word refers to Anishinaabeg's movement inland from the coast?
Which lake did the Ojibway people settle around?
Lake Superior
What direction did the Potawatomi migrate through Michigan?
What do Native American stories tell us about their beliefs?
Animals and nature are important
What natural resources did the Three Fires use to build their wigwams?
Bark and young trees
What did the Huron men do when the soil was no longer good for farming?
Clear new fields
What did the French get from the Huron when they traded?
Why did most english people come to North America?
To settle colonies