25 terms

Chapter 5 Windows 7

Device Manager
The___________is designed to display information about the hardware installed on your computer and is an interface to add and configure new hardware.
Devices that are not PnP can be installed manually from the Device Manager.(True/False)
Device Stage
What is the new feature of 7 that has more enhanced graphic output that gives better details and functionality to installed devices such as cameras?
Views a list of all hardware installed on your computer
Install new devices
Disable, enable, and uninstall devices
List three actions you can perform in Device Manager.
Wireless and Bluetooth are not supported by Device Stage.(True/False)
Network Adapter
Which device is showing a problem in the Device Manager in figure 5.4?
You can add Device Manager as a snap-in to a new MMC.(True/False)
When looking at properties for devices in Device Manager, all the Tabs will be the same from device to device.(True/False)
Device___________are the controlling code actually interfacing the hardware components with the operating system.
The operating system is always to blame when a device intermittently fails.(True/False)
Forums Search engines
Where is the best place to look if you are wondering if other people are having the same problems with a device drivers as you are?
Failure or hardware issues
New or Updated functionality
Give two reasons why you might update a device driver
Roll Back
What is the term given by Microsoft when an administrator goes back to a former version of a device driver?
Uninstalling a device driver deletes the driver files from the computer.(True/False)
Scan for hardware changes
You need Windows 7 to look for a device that you just uninstall ed a device driver.What selection would you choose from the top-line Action menu?
Use the setup program
You have just opened the box for a new video card that includes and installation CD with a setup program. Should you install the drivers within Device Manger or use the setup program?
Legacy hardware
for drivers that include different functions fro the default drivers
Give two situations wher eyou may have to manually install device drivers:
Add Legacy
You need to add a non-PnP device to 7. What selection would you choose from the top-line Action Menu?
Digital file certificate
Drivers that are created from reputable companies assign a __________ to the driver to show its validity. This is called "Diver signing".
One way to verify that all the drivers on your machine are verified as being digitally signed is to run the ____________ command.
IF a driver is not digitally signed it will not work properly with 7.(True/False)
What does the acronym I/O stand for?
List thee I/O devices:
Give two examples of removable storage devices:
Which tab in the properties of a removable device gives you the option to choose to optimize for quick removal or better performance?