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holds testes and helps regulate temperature of testes


produces sperm and testosterone


storage site for immature and site of sperm maturation

vas veferens

passageway for sperm to travel through


storage site for mature sperm

seminal vesicles

produces ~60% of seminal fluid, nutritive and high in fructose

ejaculatory duct

propels seminal fluid into prostatic urethra


produces !35% of seminal fluid, alkaline to protect from acidity of vagina


urinary and reproductive passageway

bulbourethral glands

produces 5% of seminal fluid- alkaline- protects sperm from vag acidity, lubricates, washes out urine

corpus spongiosum

surrounds penile urethra, gives shape and structure to penis

corpus cavernosum

main erectile tissue of penis

glans penis

enlargement of corpus spongiosum allows for easier penetration of vagina


protective skin that covers glans penis

external urethral orifice

external opening or urethra


testis--> epididymis --> vas deferens--> ampulla ---> ejaculatory duct (seminal vesicles lead in here) --> prostatic urethra (prostate leads in here)--> membranous urethra --> penile urethra (bulbourethral leads in here)--> out of body

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