the cold war


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allies of North Korea?
soviet union and china
What government did Soviet Union have?
who first fought in the korean war?
north and south korea
Who were allies of South Korea?
USA and Britain
What government did south korea have?
What was the cold war?
tension between USA and Soviet Union after WWII (arms race)
What countries were involved in Cuban missle crisis?
USA vs. Cuba and the soviet union
What was the bay of pigs invasion?
USA attempts to train Cuban exiles and have them invade cuba with air support Air
USA during the cold war?
free elections, democratic, capitalist, survival of the fittest
Soviet Union during the Cold war?
Communism, totalitarian, dictatorship
government that controls every aspect of life
country governed by dictator who forced themself in there
no class, everyone is equal, goods are owned in common and are available to all as needed