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  1. Menopause
  2. Residual urine
  3. Ketonuria
  4. urethra
  5. Pregnancy testing
  1. a testing performed on maternal blood or urine - to determine presence of homone HCG
  2. b the permanent cessation of the menstrual cycle due to noemal aging process
  3. c tubes leading from the bladder to the outside of body
  4. d urine left over in the bladder after voiding
  5. e abnormal amounts of ketone in the urine

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  1. thin, yellowish fluid - secreted by the nipple during pregnancy - before lactation begins
  2. enzyme that breaks down fats - seceted in mouth by salivary glands and pancreas
  3. abnormal amounts of blood in urine
  4. inflammation of kidney - kidney infection
  5. the dome-shaped upper portion of the uterus - between the points of insertion of fallopian tubes

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  1. Convoluted tubles ( 3 parts)Endometrium - Myometrium - perimetrium


  2. Genital Herpesurine left over in the bladder after voiding


  3. BalanitisInflammation/infection of glans penis


  4. Chadwicks signBluish violet hue of cervix and vagina-after approximately


  5. Contraction Stress Testcancer of testicles