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  1. Chancre
  2. Calyx
  3. Protozoal
  4. Phimosis
  5. Medulla
  1. a a skin lesion - usually of primary syphilis that begins at the site of infection as a small raised ared and develops into a red, painless ulcer with a scooped-out appearance
  2. b Single calyce; cup-like structure at base of renal pyramid that funnals urine to renal pelvis
  3. c thightening of forskin so it can't be retracted
  4. d trichomoniasis is a protozoal infection
  5. e middle portion of kidney or organ

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  1. Proximal, loop of henley, and distal tubule - Reabsorption, secretion and urine formation takes place here
  2. women who has give brith for the first tin=me after 20 wks of gestation
  3. process when BP forces waste products out of blood/capillaries in glomerulus and is captured by bowmens capsule
  4. Abnormal amounts of bacteria in urine
  5. needed to void immediately

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  1. Quickeningneeded to void immediately


  2. urinary incontinencechewing


  3. Bowmans capsulecapsule surrounding glomerulus- Funnels waste products on to renal tubule


  4. Deglutitionswallowing


  5. Corpus LuteumA mass of yellowish tissue that forms in the rutured ovulation