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  1. Testosterone
  2. Gallbladder
  3. Pap smear
  4. Nephron
  5. Genital Warts
  1. a detects cervical cancer
  2. b stores bile
  3. c AKA Condylomata and Venereal warts
  4. d the male hormone
  5. e Functioning microscopic unit of the kidney; does all the work

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  1. surgical procedure in which the abdomen and uterus and incised and a baby is delivered transabdominally
  2. swallowing
  3. AKA throat - adjoins the oral cavity - has three sections
  4. STD - is not cured aftr using a prescription
  5. cancer of testicles

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  1. Pregnancy testingtesting performed on maternal blood or urine - to determine presence of homone HCG


  2. Medullamiddle portion of kidney or organ


  3. Candida Albicansurine left over in the bladder after voiding


  4. Bowmans capsulecapsule surrounding glomerulus- Funnels waste products on to renal tubule


  5. Menorrhagieabnormally long or heavy menstrual periods