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  1. Hyperemesis Gravidarum
  2. Primipara
  3. Calyx
  4. Amenorrhea
  5. Thrush
  1. a women who has give brith for the first tin=me after 20 wks of gestation
  2. b Single calyce; cup-like structure at base of renal pyramid that funnals urine to renal pelvis
  3. c absence of menstrual flow
  4. d abnormal condition of pergnancy - Characterized by severe vomiting that results in maternal ehydration and weight loss
  5. e yeast infection found in the mouth

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  1. softing of the cervix
  2. genital warts are usually caused by exposure to this virus
  3. tubes leading from the bladder to the outside of body
  4. the inability to control urination
  5. capsule surrounding glomerulus- Funnels waste products on to renal tubule

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  1. KUBsubstance that breaks down fats. - comprised of cholesterol and bile and bile salts- Secreted by liver and GB- Stored in GB


  2. Protozoaltrichomoniasis is a protozoal infection


  3. Residual urinethe male hormone


  4. Malodorousfoul oder, having a bad odor


  5. Carcinoma of the testescancer of testicles