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  1. KUB
  2. Balanitis
  3. Nephron
  4. Chadwicks sign
  5. Mastication
  1. a kidneys, ureters, bladder; x-rays of these structures
  2. b chewing
  3. c Functioning microscopic unit of the kidney; does all the work
  4. d Inflammation/infection of glans penis
  5. e Bluish violet hue of cervix and vagina-after approximately

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  1. kidney stones - condition of developing stones
  2. process when BP forces waste products out of blood/capillaries in glomerulus and is captured by bowmens capsule
  3. has three stages - primary is considered treatable and curable
  4. abnormal light or infrequent menstruation
  5. precancerous condition in mouth

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  1. Chymea skin lesion - usually of primary syphilis that begins at the site of infection as a small raised ared and develops into a red, painless ulcer with a scooped-out appearance


  2. Pyelonephritishas three stages - primary is considered treatable and curable


  3. Calyxsubstance that breaks down fats. - comprised of cholesterol and bile and bile salts- Secreted by liver and GB- Stored in GB


  4. Renal Cortexouter portion of organ/kidney


  5. OrchitisInflammation/infection of glans penis