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  1. Glomerulus
  2. Bowmans capsule
  3. Glomerular filtration
  4. Fimbriae
  5. Menorrhagie
  1. a finger-like ends of fallopian tubes
  2. b abnormally long or heavy menstrual periods
  3. c capsule surrounding glomerulus- Funnels waste products on to renal tubule
  4. d Ball-shaped bundle of capillaries of nephron
  5. e process when BP forces waste products out of blood/capillaries in glomerulus and is captured by bowmens capsule

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  1. Visualizing the urinary bladder with a lighted scope
  2. tissue in between pyramids
  3. AKA Condylomata and Venereal warts
  4. absence of menstrual flow
  5. the male hormone

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  1. renal pyramidouter portion of organ/kidney


  2. Carcinoma of the testescancer of testicles


  3. GlycosuriaAbnormal amounts of sugar in urine


  4. urinary incontinencethe inability to control urination


  5. Lipasesubstance that breaks down fats. - comprised of cholesterol and bile and bile salts- Secreted by liver and GB- Stored in GB