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  1. Micturition
  2. Dysmenorrhea
  3. colposcopy
  4. Effacement
  5. Quickening
  1. a urination
  2. b painful menstruation
  3. c the first feeling of movement of the fetus by the expecting mother - occuring around 18 - 20 wks
  4. d visual examination of the vagina and cervix using an insterment with lighted binocular microscope for direct examination of the surfaces of the vagina and cervix
  5. e Thinning of the cervix prior to delievery

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  1. what bolus becomes when HCL is introduced to it in stomach - watery substance
  2. trichomoniasis is a protozoal infection
  3. inflammation of kidney - kidney infection
  4. abnormal amounts of ketone in the urine
  5. chewing

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  1. uterus (3 layers)muscual tubes leading from the kidneys to the bladder


  2. Malodorousfoul oder, having a bad odor


  3. Chadwicks signBluish violet hue of cervix and vagina-after approximately


  4. Deglutitionswallowing


  5. OrchitisInflammation/infection of glans penis