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Whig Party

political party OPPOSED to Jackson, favored a weak president and a strong congress

spoils system

rewarding your supporters government jobs

kitchen cabinet

group of advisors to Andrew Jackson, group of close friends who met in a common area of the White House

John Calhoun

Andrew Jackson's vice president who he had hung for treason

Jacksonian Democracy

a government based on the common man - 1820 to 1840

Worcester v. Georgia

ruled that the Cherokee tribe was independent from the US, 1832 - Jackson ignored it

Indian Removal Act

1830 - law that moved all Native Americans living East of the Mississippi to Indian Territory

Second Great Awakening

period of renewal in Christian beliefs, occurred during the 1800s

Trail of Tears

1838-39, 800 mile forced march of the Cherokee from Georgia to Indian Territory

Panic of 1837

a period of economic depression after Andrew Jackson's presidency, lead to the election of the Whigs

Nullification Crisis

South Carolina threatened to leave the US, Andrew Jackson used the army and had his vice president hung to prevent it

McCulloch v. Maryland

created the National Bank, state powers were limited

John Marshall

Supreme Court Chief Justice who ruled on many important trials, helped create a strong Supreme Court

paper money

Andrew Jackson hated this form of currency; felt it had no "real" value

Battle of New Orleans

final battle of the War of 1812, occurred two weeks after the treaty was signed, Andrew Jackson became a war hero

Industrial Revolution

the 2nd Great Awakening, transcendentalism, and Romantics developed as a reaction to this, an event occuring the the US creating cities and factories


Native American tribe in FLORIDA who raided settlements in Georgia, Andrew Jackson sent to stop them and ends up taking Florida

Adams-Onis Treaty

agreement that gave Florida to the US

judicial review

Marbury v. Madison established this, the power of the Supreme Court

Sutter's Mill

place in California where gold was discovered


nickname for the miners who flocked to California for gold

American River

the river where gold was discovered in California


group of immigrants who came from across the Pacific who also searched for gold


taxes on imported goods

War of 1812

the name for Mr. Madison's War, or the Second War for Indpendence


the country the US fought during the War of 1812

Old Hickory

nickname for Andrew Jackson, meant he was "tough"

civilized tribe

name for groups of Indians who tried to fit in with the Americans, went to school & adopted American culture


group who helped Andrew Jackson fight at New Orleans, provided supplies and cannons


the reason Andrew Jackson ran for president, to stop this in government

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