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each basin spans more than _______ miles and as deep as ____________feet
625 miles and 5,000 feet
what covers most of africa
a large plateau
what was it that made africa appealing to european coonizers
africas natural resources
geographers refer to africa as..
the plateau continent
what is the longest river
nile river
how much percentage of egyptians depend on the nile river for water
nile river goes through.....
4,000+ miles through Uganda, Sudan, and egypt
what makes it difficult to navigate
waterfalls, rapids, and gorges
what forms the wolds largest network of waterways
congo river
a long, thin valley created by the moving apart of the continental plates, press in east africa
rift valley
what is the longest freshwater lake in the world
lake tanganyika
how big is lake tanganyika
420 miles long and 4,700 feet deep
what is africas largest lake sits in a shallow basin between two rift valleys
lake victoria
what is the worlds second largest freshwater lake but only 270 feet deep
lake victoria
steep slope with a nearly flat plateau on top in south africa
what two mountains are in africa ( these mountains are also volacanoes)
mount Kenya and Munt Kilimanjaro
highest mountain/ volcano in africa
Mount Kilimanjaro ( tip:longest name= highest mount)
one of the worlds richest continent in terms of
resources include
gold, platinum, chromium, cobalt, copper, phospates, diamonds,etc..
produce 50% of
cobalt ( high- graded steel for aircraft)
80% of worlds
30% of worlds
south africas produce has lead to
colonization from european countries, countries which have industry and can use the resources.
africas leading oil producers
nigeria, Libya, Algeria, and Angola
africa has ... of the worlds oil
10% of
diversity resources
oil, coffe, lumber, sugar, palm oil, coco
africa contains ___ and ____ deserts, _____ tropics, and permately ______________ mountains
dry and hot
africas vegetation includes
thick rain froest, tall grasslands, and desert areas
africa lies almost entirely between the ________________ and the __________________--- which makes it climate tropical
tropic of cancer and tropic of capricorn
sahar means what in arabic
which desert is the largest in the world and is north of africa
the shara
which two deserts are in the south
kalaharia and Namib
sarah has ____ of sand ans the rest consists of towering __________, ______ formations, and gravelly _______
20% of sand
towering mountains, rock formations, and gravelly plains
what mountain range are in the sahara
Tibesti Mountains
camels can go how many days withput drinking
17 days
______ degress in the summer
can get to below _____ in the winter
below freezing
what produces oasis
underground aquifers buble up in some areas to produce oasis
supports vegetation in the middle of the desert
how much % of africa lies between the tropics
where in africa recieves the most amount of rainfall
central africa
ccloser to the equator =
more rain
futher away from equator=
less rain
which coat recieves alot of rain
west coast
areas around ________ and _______ get up to 120 inches of rain a year
Monrovia and Liberia
in the sahara children might not see rain until they are
5 0r 6 yrs old
a mediterraneen climate exists on the ________ and ________ tips of africa ( dry air and blue skies)
northern and southern
tropical grassland
covers most of the continent
a grassland with dry climate and hard soil= perfect for grass and grazing animals
serengeti Plain
rain forest appear around
the equato around the longo Basin
the rain forsest includes
600+ species of trees and hundred of species of birds
where most of the animals in the rainforest live; the uppermost layer of branches
snakes in rainforest
Gaboon viper and blacked necked spitting cobra
sahel means
shore of the desert in arabic
sahel physical features
narrow brand of fry grassland that runs east to west along the southern edge of the sahara an dis used for farminh and herding
sahel problems
the desert has been spreading into the sahel since the 1960s
allowing overgrazing of vegetation by livestock kills...
kills grass and exposes soil
when farmers farm land, expose it to wind which leads to
windspreading drilling for water leads to more...
salt in soil and prevents vegetation
increases population level causes problems as well for more people because it =
people need food
when was oil found in Nigeria
drilling for oil causes..
enviromental consequences
nigera =
8th leading oil producer in world
oil is 80%-90% of Nigerias ____
how much oil is made each day
2 million barrels extracted each day
high prices in oil led to investment by the goverment which.....
failed when prices dropped
mismanagment , poor planning, corruption, and a decline in oil prices led _________ to become moor poor than before oil boom
completed in 1970, used to control the amount of water flowing down the nile river
aswan high dam
artifical lake that was created by the dam and is shared by egypt and sudan and nearly 300 miles log
lake nasser
farmers can have __ or __ harvest a year instead of one
2 or 3
increased egypts farmable land by