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Art History Survey 1 - Chapter 5


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A good example of a building in the Ionic style is the
Temple of Athena Nike, Acropolis
A Dipylon vase would most likely be found in
an Athenian cemetery of the Geometric period
A standing nude figure of a young man is known in Greek art as a
Who was the politician most responsible for the re-building of the Athenian Acropolis in the 5th Century BCE
The Athenians perception of themselves based on the Panathenaic Festival frieze from the Parthenon was that they...
had high opinions of their own worth
Who is usually given credit for the invention of the red-figure technique as seen in the amphora of "Achilles and Ajax playing a dice game"
the Andokides Painter
The chryselephantine statue of Athena Parthenos stands fully armed. No one doubts this figure is a triumphant expression and refers to the Athenian victory over the Persians in 479 BC. What warfare symbol accompanies the Athena Parthenos.
Nike on her hand
The earliest known example of the use of contrapposto is the sculpture known as the
Kritios Boy
The warrior sculpture, Riace Bronze, demonstrates natural motion in space in that the
arms are freed from the body
When compared to the Classical style, Greek Hellenistic art could be characterized as
more realistic and emotional
The figure of the calf-bearer differs from earlier Greek statues as well as Egyptian and Near Eastern statues in that
he has a smile
Who was the director of the sculptural programs on the Parthenon
Black-figure ceramics would most likely be found in conjunction with the art of the
Archaic and Early Classical periods
Early Archaic monumental stone statues followed Egyptian style very closely. This style can be described as
rigidly frontal left foot slightly advanced
A female figure used as an architectural support was known as a
The earliest known Greek temple with sculptural decoration is
Temple A, Prinias
What was a Greek colony in Egypt that brought the Greeks into direct contact with Egyptian monumental architecture.
The Orientalizing period of art is so named because of the exposure of early Greeks to the art of
The Near East and Egypt
Composite monsters were popular in other ancient cultures; however what was a purely Greek invention
The centaur
The subject matter of the drinking cup by Onesimos would never have been portrayed publicly in monumental painting or sculpture, only in the private sphere would this subject matter have been acceptable. It was a
genre scene of servant girl of the house bathing
The Geometric krater from the Dipylon cemetery is a testimonial to the deceased's wealth and position. What best validates this statement.
the size of the pot
What caused the Persians to withdraw from the Aegean in 478 BCE
The defeat of Persian navy
Upon the death of Attalos III in 133 BCE, the Pergamene kingdom was bequeathed to
Rome, the greatest power in the Mediterranean world.
The gigantomachy of the Altar of Zeus, Pergamon alludes to a victory of the Pergamenes over who in the third century BCE.
The Gauls
Pericles stated, "For we are...simple in our tastes, and we cultivate the mind without loss of manliness...." This statement could also refer to
humanistic education and life
Unlike their counterparts in the near East, Greek gods assumed human form. What is another characteristic of the Greek gods?
That they were immortals
The origins of the Greeks or Hellenes, as they called themselves, appear to be the product of
Aegeans and Indo-Europeans
Later Greeks calculated their chronology from the, what? and despite rivalries and differences; from then on all Greeks regarded themselves as citizens of Hellas.
First Greek Olympiad
Approximately how long ago did democratic principles become established in Athens
2500 years ago
The Parthenon is a fusion of Doric and Ionic architectural elements. This fusion might also indicate a political fusion as suggested by Pericles and Iktinos. It also...
might suggest that Athens was the leader of all the Greeks
Mnesikles created a wide causeway between the central pair of columns on either side of the Propylaia, the gateway to the Acropolis. The causeway was created for the
Panathenaic Festival
The what? on the Athenian Acropolis has four sides of very different character with each side resting on different ground levels
The what? is chronicled on the frieze of the Temple of Athena Nike detailing victory over the Persians
The battle at Marathon
What is represented on the Attic white-ground lekythos painted by the so-called Achilles Painter
a warrior taking leave of his wife
The Peloponnesian War began in 431 BCE and end in 404 BCE with the complete defeat of...