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Lista de varios verbos con preposición. .... Los verbos en la lista a continuación se encuentran en los libros de texto Descubre 1-3, con las siguientes excepciones: 1) alejarse de, marcharse de (to move away from) 2) apoyarse en (to support oneself on, to lean on, to rely on) 3) confiar en (to trust in) 4) empeñarse en (to make an effort to) 5) entrar en (to go into) 6) esforzarse (o:ue) por (to make an effort to) 7) oler a (to smell like) 8) presumir de (to brag about) 9) quedar con (to arrang…

buscar X

to look for

esperar X

to wait for, to hope for

mirar X

to look at

viajar por

to travel by

aprender a + inf.

to learn to

asistir a

to attend

creer en

to believe in

andar en patineta

to skateboard

ir de excursión

to go on a hike

pasear en bicicleta

to ride a bicycle

comenzar (e:ie) a + inf., empezar (e:ie) a + inf.

to begin to

contar (o:ue) con

to count on

jugar (u:ue) a

to play

pedir (e:i) X

to ask for

pensar (e:ie) en

to think about

estar de vacaciones

to be on vacation

ir de compras

to go shopping

ir(se) de vacaciones

to go on vacation

jugar (u:ue) a las cartas

to play cards

montar a caballo

to ride a horse

conocer a

to be acquainted with something or (a person)

saber X

to know how

hacer juego con

to match with

despedirse (e:i) de

to say good-bye to

enojarse con

to get angry with

preocuparse por

to worry about

saber a

to taste like

servir (e:i) de

to serve as

reírse (e:i) de

to laugh about

enamorarse de

to fall in love with

llevarse bien/mal/fatal con

to get along well/badly/awfully with

casarse con

to get married to

romper con

to break up with

salir con

to go out with, to date

separarse de

to separate from

comprometerse con

to get engaged to

darse con

to bump into, to run into

bajar(se) de

to get off of, to get out of (a vehicle)

subir(se) a

to get into (a vehicle)

mudarse de casa

to move homes

insistir en

to insist on

dejar de + inf.

to stop (doing something)

estar afectado/a por

to be affected by

alegrarse de

to be happy about

pagar a plazos

to pay in installments

pagar al contado, pagar en efectivo

to pay in cash

aumentar de peso

to gain weight

disfrutar de, gozar de

to enjoy, to reap the benefits of

estar a dieta

to be on a diet

tratar de + inf.

to try (to do something)

estar en buena forma

to be in good shape

mantenerse en forma

to stay in shape

renunciar a

to resign from

hacer el papel de

to play the role of

comunicarse con

to communicate with

luchar por/contra

to fight for/against

votar por

to vote for

estar harto/a de

to be fed up with, to be sick of

soñar (o:ue) con

to dream about

tener celos de

to be jealous of

tener vergüenza de

to be ashamed of, to be embarrassed of

coquetear con

to flirt with

dejar a alguien

to leave someone

llevar # años de (casados)

to be (married) for # years

mantenerse en contacto

to keep in touch

soportar a alguien

to put up with somebody

meterse en

to break in (to a conversation)

contentarse con

to be contented/satisfied with

entretenerse (e:ie) con

to amuse (oneself) with

reunirse con

to get together with

salir a (comer)

to go out (to eat)

acostumbrarse a

to get used to

amenazar con

to threaten to

huir de

to flee from, to run away from

sufrir de

to suffer from

dejar de fumar

to quit smoking

alojarse en

to stay at (lodging)

dar de comer

to feed

contribuir a

to contribute to

quedarse sin

to run out of, to be out of

disponerse a

to be about to

dejar en paz

to leave alone

tomar en serio

to take seriously

enterarse de

to find out about

estar al tanto, estar al día

to be informed, to be up-to-date

subscribirse a

to subscribe to

darse cuenta de

to realize

darse por aludido/a

to realize or assume someone is being referred to

fijarse en

to notice, to pay attention to

aislar(se) de

to isolate (oneself) from

tratarse de

to be about, to deal with

ayudar a

to help

esforzarse (o:ue) por, empeñarse en

to make an effort to

acercarse a

to approach

alejarse de, marcharse de

to move away from

quejarse de

to complain about

entrar en

to go into

olvidarse de

to forget about

apoyarse en

to support oneself on, to lean on, to rely on

quedar con

to arrange to meet with

quedar en + inf.

to agree to do something

convertirse (e:ie) en

to turn into

acabar de + inf.

to have just finished doing something

confiar en

to trust in

presumir de

to brag about

atreverse a

to dare to

volver (o:ue) a + inf.

to do something again

oler (o:hue) a

to smell like

(no) dudar en

to (not) hesitate to

acordarse (o:ue) de

to remember

arrepentirse (e:ie) de

to regret, to repent

divorciarse de

to get divorced from

encargarse de

to be in charge of

estar a (veinte kilómetros) de aquí

to be (twenty kilometers) from here

estar a la venta

to be for sale

estar bajo control

to be under control

estar de acuerdo

to be in agreement

estar de moda

to be in fashion

morirse (o:ue) de

to die from

oponerse a

to oppose

parecerse a

to resemble

pasar por la aduana

to pass through customs

salir de

to leave from

salir para

to leave for

ser aficionado/a a

to be a fan of

ser alérgico/a a

to be allergic to

sorprenderse de

to be surprised about

tener (mucho) miedo de

to be (very) scared of

tener ganas de

to feel like (doing something)

terminar de + inf.

to finish (doing something)

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