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muscular system upper limbs shoulder joint

the muscles of the upper limbs movers of shoulder joint
Origin of latissmus Dorsi
Thoracolumbar aponeurosis,Lower 6 spinous process,sacrum,Iliac crest,Lower 3 to 4 ribs,Inferior Angle of Scapula
Insertion of Latissimus Dorsi
Intetubercular ( bicipital ) grove of humerus
Action of Latissimus Dorsi
Extenstion of humerous,Medial rotation of humerous, Adduction of humerous
Teres Major is also known as
Little Lats
Orgin of Teres Major
Inferior angle of scapula lower1/3 axillary border of scapula
Insertion of Teres major
Bicipita (Intertabercular) groove (medial lip)
Action of Teres Major
Extension of humerus, medial rotation of humerous, adduction of humerus
Origin of Middle Deltoid
Acromion Process (lateral)
Insertion of Middle Deltoid
Deltoid tuberisity
Action of Middle deltoid
Abduction of humerus from 10 - 90 degres
Origin of Anterior Deltoid
Lateral 1/3 of clavicle
Insertion of Anterior Deltoid
Deltoid tuberosity
Action of Anterior Deltoid
flexionof humerus,medial rotationof humerus, horizontal adduction of humerus
Origin of Posteior Deltoid
Spine of scapula
Insertion of Posteior Deltoid
Deltoid Tuberosity
Action of Posteior Deltoid
Extention of humerus, lateral rotation of humerus,horizontal abduction of humerus
Pectoralis major
Effective in flexing the shoulder joint
Pectoralis Minor is lacated deep to pectoralis Major