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Module 8: Content Marketing

Terms in this set (34)

o Relevant, Relevant, Relevant - relevancy matters SO much. Your content needs to be relevant to your audience. Why would they care? Why now?
o Expertise - Demonstrate your brand's expertise and knowledge
o Customer Service - Offer customer service tips and stories
o Inside Tips - Blogs could provide a unique product insight.
o Deals - Blogs could offer deals.
o Behind the Scenes
o Product Details
o Tips, Tricks, Lists, and Clickbait
o Controversy. Provoke Conversation
o Use guest bloggers. It helps them and you at the same time.
o Match frequency of posting to your audience
o Connect to Other Social Media/Websites
o Listicles work (Links to an external site.). They just do. Very successful strategy.
o Always be thinking about the shareability of your content.
o Always use imagery with a blog post. Always.
o Don't use Google images to find pictures unless you filter by Creative Commons License. Every picture on the Internet is presumed to be copyright. You need to search, explicitly, for images licensed for your use. This article from Harvard's Library (Links to an external site.) explains the licensing, talks about strategy for finding images, and has links to resources for creative commons licensed pictures towards the bottom. Otherwise, buy your imagery for a quality source.
o Provocative Titles
o Short Titles
o Consider Commenting or Guest Blogging on Other Blogs
o Humanize Your Brand
o Always be Thinking About Keywords and SEO
o Ask Audience What They Want
o Segment and Organize Content
o Prime for Social Sharing
o Build Calls to Action in Your Content.
5 Big Reasons

1. You believed the biggest myth content marketing ever told the world (content, then people click, then they buy and we get money) NOT TRUE
o How it does: make content, humans click, they like they remember, maybe they look up other content, then visit again, then we build trust and relationships with viewers, then when they need the product they will come back (not going to convert on first visit!!)

2. You made content without a community
o Content doesn't all go viral, it spreads because it inspires a community, reinforces a belief, refutes an opposing argument, starts a discussion, makes sharing community look smart/important, (only the best .01% of content goes viral without a pre-existing community)

3. You invested in content creation, but not in its amplification
o Content falls into one of three amplification buckets
--> Broadcast: social media, email, events
--> 1:1 outreach: social, email, in person
--> Paid amplification: many varieties
o Find what content is successful for your niche, find where to share it, go beyond social networks, find who is sharing, copy what's working for others, think of each channel/medium as a muscle that needs to be flexed and strengthened regularly

4. You ignored content's most powerful channel: SEO
o Google has nearly 6 billion searches/day, SEO is crucial because it is in the "do things" mode which is crucial for intent, at very least do keyword research

5. You gave up way too soon
o The price of success is failure after failure after failure