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- Started as an internal project for programmers at Evan William's podcasting startup (Odeo) to talk to each other
(article he loved to much by TechCrunch)
- Jack Dorsey, student NY University came up with it
- Used SMS to make tweets
- Was called Twttr with that slimy green logo (
- Was very similar to other applications at the time such as one called "Dodgeball"
- 6 months after launch, name was changed to Twitter

- Separated from Odeo to its own company

- Introduced "New Twitter" which included ability to see photos and videos without exiting Twitter and a more modern interface

- Updated the interface to the "fly" design which is easier to users to follow and promotes advertising
- Hit 100 million monthly active users

- Twitter partners with Yandex, a russian search engine because they found value in twitters real time news feeds
- Opened office in Detroit with the purpose of working with automotive brands and advertising agencies
- Bird logo was developed
- Acquired Vine
- Surpassed 200 million monthly active users

- Vine was launched
- Launched "Twitter Music" music app
- Aquired Trendrr and MoPub
- Listed on the NY stock exchange (70million shares for US$26 each issued by Goldman Sachs)

- Acquired NamoMedia (native advertising for mobile devices)
- Reached undisclosed deal to buy SnappyTV (service that helps edit and share videos from TV broadcasts)
- Announced intention to buy CardSpring (enables retailers to offer online shoppers coupons that they can automatically sync to their credit cards in order to receive discounts when they shop in physical stores)
- Acquired Mitro (small password security startup)

- Acquired Niche (ad network for social media stars)
- Acquired Periscope
- Homepage updated
- Acquired TellApart (a commerce ads tech firm)
- Growth began to slow later in the year

- Announced plan to expand character limit to 10,000 (click to see more than 140)
- Stock rose 20% after a report of potential buyers (included Walt Disney, Sales Force, Verizon, Microsoft, and Alphabet (parent company of google))
- Twitter Advantages over Facebook: Doesnt have as much traffic, but you can gain followers easier and you can engage with people before they become your friend
-easier for companies to start on Twitter

Guide to setting up Twitter profile and implementing a successful marketing strategy:
1. Research the competition
- find businesses that are similar to yours
- watch what they do
- note what has a good response and what doesn't
(Ex. used: eCommerse store)
2. Create your profile
- Use a custom background design that reflects your brand
(Ex. used: WePay, Netflix, Acer)
- Eye-catching twitter header photo: something that describes your brand or displays something you're trying to promote
(Ex. used: CNN, Wistia, Charity: water, Beats by Dre)
- Concise and descriptive bio, make it interesting and convincing
- Profile picture of your logo
- Great Tweets: If people are deciding whether to follow you, they are most likley going to base it off of your last 15 tweets. Make them all interesting and different
*Dont synch twitter with facebook
(Ex. Dr. Weil using FB to post a long post, and twitter to post a short one)
- Tweets with photos and videos that your viewer will find valuable. Eyes are drawn to photos, might be the first impression
(Ex. used: Charity: water, Vice, Inc)
3. Find targeted followers
- Key is to get followers that are actually interested in your industry.
- Look for people with a 1:1 ratio of follower/following so they will be likely to follow you back
- Twitter Counter Search: type in keyword on this site and you will see people with their follower ratio shown, connect twitter counter with your account and it will automatically follow results
- Get followers from your own online properties: include twitter link on all owned platforms, blog, etc. Use Tween button on all blog posts
4. Write Direct Messages
- Dont pitch a product or service, use your first means of communication with them to thank them for following you or ask them what they would like to learn from you
5. Use some forms of automation
- Twitter Feed: posts tweets when your favorite blog updates
- Keeps your account updated when you cant physically update it
6. Listen on Twitter through searches and lists
- Hootsuite
- Twitter Searches: monitor tweets by searching for keywords
- Twitter Lists: monitor thought leaders in your industry
- Monitor your business and brand: monitor mentions of you accounts through keyword searches for those names
- Attach to a trending topic or hashtag: spread your message beyond your followers
- Participate in twitter chats: get involved with twitter community, lead to increase in targeted followers