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Servicenow System Administrator Review - Module 3


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What is the name of the database Servicenow is built on?
Where can you access the MySQL database?
The Servicenow Graphical User Interface (GUI)
What do Tables contain?
Data = Records (Rows) and Fields
What do Fields consist of?
Individual pieces of data in a record
How can fields be modified?
By using the Record List Editor or using a form
What are reference fields identified with?
The reference lookup icon and/or reference icon
What are the tools available to Administrators to view and modify the database structure?
Table Module, Tables & Columns Module, Schema Map and System Directory
What is a Table Module?
A list of all tables in the database
What is a Tables & Column Module?
A list of all existing tables with columns and column attributes
What is a Schema Map?
A graphical representation of table relationships
What is a System Dictionary?
AKA the data dictionary table, dictionary entry contains additional information that defines database elements
To view the list of tables, navigate to:
System Definition > Tables
Where can administrators browse available tables and columns?
The tables & columns module
What are the four commonly Used Tables?
Task, Configuration Item,User, Group and Knowledge
What is a Task [task]?
It is a table for storing records that represent work
What does the table for a Configuration Item look like?
What does the Configuration Item table extended for a computer look like?
Name the ways tables can be related to each other?
-Database Views
An extended table includes unique fields plus what?
All of the fields from the parent table
What are the "One-to-Many" relationship fields?
Reference Fields. Glide List, and Document ID Fields
What are Reference Fields?
They allow a user to select a record on a table defined by the reference field.
What is a Glide List?
This allows a user to select multiple records on a table defined by the glide list
What are Document ID Fields?
These allow a user to select a record on any table in the instance
What is meant by a Many-to-Many relationship?
Two tables can be related in a bi-directional relationship, so that the related records are visible from both tables in a related list
What are Database Views?
Two tables can be joined virtually using the Database Views Plugin to allow for reporting on data that might be stored in more than one table
How can you change the Number format per table in the system?
Using the Number Maintenance application
A unique term that the system uses to identify the field in scripts and automated business processes
To view a complete listing of records for all tables and table fields in the database
System Definition > Dictionary
Name the tables extended from Task table
- Problem
- Incident
- Change Request
Name the tables extended from Configuration table
- Network Devices
- Hardware
- Server
To add a different label for an extended table, navigate to
System Definition > Language file
Are all tables extendable ? True/ False
Tables that exist in the base system are called
Base tables
Tables that are created and do not exist in the base system are called
Custom tables
Tables with blue bars are tables that____ the base table
Tables with red bars are tables that____ by the base table
Two key CMDB tables are
- Configuration item (cmdb_ci)
- CI Relationship (cmdb_rel_ci)
___ is any component that needs to be managed in order to deliver Services
Configuration Item (CI)
When you extend a table, you must create a_______
new relationship rule in Configuration > Suggested Relationships
Related List in CI records displays_____
additional components contained by that particular CI
Uses a concept of suggested relationships to help users see reasonable relationships between configuration items
CI Relationship Editor
Use the _______ to create CI relationships
CI Relationship Editor
Display an infrastructure view for a configuration item and the business services that it is part of and that it supports
Dependency Views
_____indicate the status of configuration items, and allow access to the CI's related alerts, incidents, problems, changes and business services
Dependency Views
Methods for populating the CMDB
- Manually
- Import Sets
- Integrating with external CMDBs
- Additional tools such as Help the Help Desk and Discovery (a licensed offering)
Displays the entire CI Hierarchy in a tree format, consolidating class definitions into a central location
CI Class Manager
Represents a type of Configuration Item or essentially a table collecting certain data such as Applications, Computers, Printers, Servers etc.
CI Class
How to access CI Class Manager?
Configuration > CI Class Manager
How to access Suggested Relationships?
Configuration > Relationships > Suggested Relationships
Data Map
External data sources > Import Set table > Transform > Target tables
A tool used to import data from various data sources, and map that data into ServiceNow tables
Import Sets
Import sets store data in____
Import set table
Who can import data?
Any user logged in with the admin or import_admin can manage all aspects of Import sets
Provides a guide for moving data from Import Set tables to Target tables
Transform Maps
_____ is used to determine the name for the Import Set table that the data will be loaded into
The imported file label
For importing, you can only select tables that are _____
- Tables within the current application scope
- Tables within the global scope
- Tables that grant access
Different configurations using the coalesce field
- No coalesce
- Single-field coalesce
- Multiplle-field coalesce
- Conditional coalesce
What happens if no coalesce field is defined
- All imported rows are treated as new records
- No existing records are updated
- If import is executed again, duplicate records will be created
What happens if single coalesce field is defined
- If a target table record exists with the same value in the coalesce field as the staging table record, the target table is updated using the Import Set record values
What happens if multiple coalesce fields are defined
- If a target table record exists with the same value in all the coalesce fields as the staging table record, the target table is updated using the Import Set record values
- All coalesce field values between target and staging table must match to coalesce with multiple fields
What happens if conditional coalesce fields are defined
- Use a script to define if staging table row should coalesce to a target record
- To update a target record using the staging table record values, the script must return the sys_id of the target table record
How to create a new Import Set?
System Import Sets > Load Data
How to create a new Transform Map?
System Import Sets > Create Transform Map
How to define the coalesce field?
System Import Sets > Administration > Transform Maps
How to clean up Import Set tables?
System Import Sets > Import Set tables > Cleanup
What does checking the copy empty fields do?
It would import empty fields from the source table to the target table.
How to remove data collected in the staging table?
Check Delete data only
____ is an interface used for creating or modifying ServiceNow reports
Report Designer
4 sections of Report Designers
Data > Type > Configure > Style
T/F System tables are, by default, restricted from the reporting module. Example
T/F Performance Analytics is enabled for the Incident table by default
____define the metrics to track based on indicator source, and specifies an aggregation such as to count the number of new tickets
______automatically collect scores for automated indicators and breakdowns
Data Collection Jobs
Displays scores for a single indicator and allows you to perform detailed analysis of the metric, such as comparing scores over time
Contains actionable data visualizations that help improve your business processes and practices
How to run reports?
Reports > View/ Run
How to run Data Collector Jobs ?
Performance Analytics > Data Collector > Jobs
user cannot execute scripts on a record or UI page
user cannot define relationships between Configuration Item [cmdb_ci] tables
controls the field that should be saved when a template is created
user cannot create reports on the object
user cannot right-click a choice list field and select Configure Choices
What are the 3 types of access control rules to identify the object being secured
- table.none
- table.field
- table.*
read access control for admin and itil roles
read access control for admin role
read access control for itil role
How to update table role
System Security > Users and Groups > Roles
How to create access control rule
System Security > Access Control (ACL)
Using the ________ feature provides the ability to define a field on an extended table differently from the field on the parent table.
Dictionary overrides
The ______ module provides a view-only list of all existing tables, with columns (fields), column (field) attributes, and indexes
Tables & Columns
Navigate to _______ to view a complete listing of records for all tables and table fields in the database.
System Definition > Dictionary
The _____ table contains a record for each table in the database.
Tables [sys_db_object]
Using the _______ module you can:
- View, add, or modify columns with a searchable and sortable embedded list, define the auto- number format, make the table extendable by other tables, and create modules for the table.
- Launch a schema map for a table by clicking the Show Schema Map related link.
- Open the dictionary entries for the table by right-clicking the form header then selecting Show Dictionary Record.
- Navigate directly to the default list or form view for the table by clicking the Show List or Show Form related link.
- Delete all records from a table by clicking the Delete All Records button on the form header.