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Law and Inventory

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A list of drugs carried by a pharmacy or a list of drugs covered by a 3rd party insurance
Inventory Management
The way stock is controlled to prevent shortages or overages
Inventory Turn-Over
The number of times specific items are replaced over a given time period
Actual Acquisition Cost
The dollar amount the pharmacy pays the manufacturer for the medication
The amount added to the cost (ACC) to arrive at the selling price
Dispensing Fee
A fee charged with each prescription written
Selling Price
The Price the pharmacy sells the medication. The price paid by the customer also suggested retail price or list price.
Purchase Order
An order form used to purchase items that a pharmacy needs for resale
damaged stock, expired stock, tax, interest on loans
These 4 things are considered to be inventory carrying costs
Document from the seller to the buyer indicates products, quantities and prices
Back ordered
This is when items are not included in the order but will be shipped as soon as possible when they are available
Waybill or Bill of Lading
a shipping document from the carrier/courier
Short Shipped
This is when items are missing from the order but not back ordered. It is necessary to order these items again
notified within 1-2 days
If there are discrepancies the supplier must be..
correct product and quantity, any damaged items
When receiving and unpacking stock a tech will verify..?
first in first out
medication error
failure to rotate stock properly could result in a?
refrigerated or frozen products
These products must be received and unpackaged first to maintain the cold chain..
red pen
Narcotics must be added into the registry with this
5 days
a receipt must be sent to a wholesaler with ___ days when narcotics have been signed and dated by a pharmacist
DIN, manufacturer, BRAND name, Pack size, form, strength, generic name, price
These 8 things are needed for retail and maintaining the drug files
Contract for the supply of a product or service
Hospital Formulary
A list of selected products used in a hospital selected by the P&T committee
Perpetual Inventory
This uses the Point of Sale (POS) which is most accurate, effective and uses bar codes
Improves the quality of patient care, decreases the cost of drug therapy
These are two reasons formularies are used..
A program that assists in the collection and safe disposal of Rx drugs that have been returned to a pharmacy
Reorder Points
min/max system
Material Safety Data Sheet
Workplace hazardous materials information system
The food and drug act
This controls the manufacturer, packaging, advertising and sale of drugs in Canada
Food and Drug Act, Controlled Drug and Substances Act
2 Acts that form Drug Laws - Federal Legislation Acts
Narcotic Control Regulations
This was formed because diversion of narcotics is a problem through theft and illegal prescriptions
Health Protection Branch of Health Canada
ACT (laws) are administered by the
These are the only types of refills allowed on narcotic prescription. This given because of terminal illness or debilitating illnesses
Recording Receipt of Narcotics
The name, quantity, date received, name and address of licensed dealer, hospital or pharmacy are need when..
FDA regulation Part C
Controlled Drugs
FDA regulation Part G
causing dependency and abuse
Drugs are scheduled under part G controlled drugs because they are
Amphetamines, Barbituates, Anabolic Steroids
Part 1, 2, and 3 of Schedule G Drugs
Legend, Veterinary
Part 1 and 2 of Part C Schedule F
Part G RX requirements
These are written,dated and signed by a doctor. If Verbal it's verified by a doctor. If it's faxed it's never trimmed
Part G RX refills
With these the doctor must indicate the total quantity and intervals for dispensing
Benzo's and Other Targeted substances
This Covers all benzo's except dozapine & olanzapine
Part G RX filling
These are recorded in the register, filed separately, kept for 3 years from last date and no transfers
Benzo's and other targeted substances regulation, Narcotic Control Regulations
2 Regulations in the Controlled Drug and Substance Act
Part 2: Verbal
These contain 1 narcotic, contains 2 or more other products ex T3's
Part 1: reportable/straight narcotics
All parentarel use, single entity products, contains one of more narcotic
hydrocodone, oxycodone, methadone
Any Narcotics contains these 3 ingredients are straight/reportable narcotics
Reportable/straight narcotics
These need the sales record and can be part-filled
Straight narcotic prescriptions
triplicate RX, must be in writing,signed &dates, filed by rx#, kept a minimum of 3 years are all requirements of
Narcotic Control Regulations
These are in put in place because of abuse/addiction, drug tolerance and physical & psychological dependence
Exempted Codeine Products
Part 3 of Classifications of narcotics
Part 3 exempted codeine products can contain no more than (solid form)
Part 3 exempted codeine products can contain no more than (liquid form)
Direct Order Entry
This is a remote input device used when purchasing narcotics