POLS 1101 Exam 1

Which rule bars the use of illegally seized evidence at trial?
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In the US, the national gov't derives its power from which of the following?the peopleWhich of the following is an enumerated power of the national gov't?conducting foreign policyMLK Jr. insisted that civil disobedience aimed at ending discrimination in the South should be conducted_______?nonviolentlyWhat precipitated the Montgomery Bus Boycott?the arrest of Rosa Parks_________ make an act punishable as a crime even if the act was legal when it was committed. These are prohibited by article 1 of the Constitution.ex post facto lawsIn Gibbons v. Ogden, the Supreme Court_________.broadly interpreted the national gov't's power to regulate interstate commerceAt the constitutional convention, the delegates agreed that slaves would be counted as _______ of a person for determining population for representation in the House of Reps.3/5Which of the constitutional amendments was the first to be incorporated and applied to the states?1stWhich philosopher greatly influenced the colonists' views on the role of gov't?John LockeIn a(n)________ system, local and regional gov'ts derive authority from the national gov't.unitaryMany of the Founders believed that gov't legitimacy is derived from _______, which holds that gov'ts exist based on the consent of the governed.a social contractA defamatory, false written statement is______; The same statement spoken aloud is_____.libel; slanderThe Dred Scott v Sandford decision narrowed the scope of the federal gov't's power by determining that _________.Congress lacked to authority to ban slavery in the territoriesWhat was the most common initial reason for settlement in North America by the first colonists?commerceWhich clause requires states to return criminals to states where they have been convicted or are to stand trial?extraditionHow many constitutions has the US had in its history?2The 15th amendment guarantees citizens the right to vote regardless of ?raceWhat percentage of Americans are immigrants?15Women were guaranteed the right to vote by?The 19th amendmentWhich book helped inspire abolitionists?Uncle Tom's CabinWhich of these does the Civil Rights Act of 1964 ban?discrimination in public accomodationsSelective incorporation makes the protections in the Bill of Rights applicable to the states through which amendment?14thWhich function of the gov't stated in the Preamble is consistent with the notion of having gov't-provided police protection?ensuring domestic tranquilityWhich type of federalism is characterized by a system of separate but equally powerful state and national governments?dualThe framers agreed that the new nation had to be founded on notion of what?religious freedomThe 13th amendment bans slavery. When was it passed?immediately after the Civil WarWhat type of people generally favored a stronger national gov't and supported the proposed US Constitution?FederalistsThe colonists rebelled against the imposition by the British gov't of what?taxesWhich clause in the Constitution ensures that judicial decrees and contracts made in one state will be binding and enforceable in another?full faith and creditWhat did the Supreme Court decide in Korematsu v. U.S. regarding the internment of American citizens of Japanese ancestry living in the U.S.it was permissible because the US was at war with JapanArticle 1, section 8 of the Constitution contains _____ powers.Congress's enumeratedThe _______ Amendment says that those powers not given to the federal gov't and not prohibited to the states by the Constitution are reserved for the states and the people.10thWhat two types of powers does Congress have under article 1, section 8 of the Constitution?enumerated; impliedThe doctrine of prior restraint says that the gov't cannot prevent speech or publication when?before the factTo what extent were the civil rights of African Americans protected during the decades following Reconstruction?Attempts to protect the civil rights of African Americans after Reconstruction were largely unsuccessful for decades.What did Jim Crow laws mandate?racial segregation_________ powers are shared by the federal and state gov'ts.concurrentWhat is a power specifically denied the states by the Constitution?passing bills of attainderThe 4th amendment of the Constitution protects against unreasonable________.searches