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Immune System


Caused by progens


Summarized as "eaten and digested"


redness, heat, swelling, and pain

NK cells

a special type of lymphocyte that acts nonspecifically to destroy certain cells

protective proteins

complement and interferons

mechanical barriers

first line of defense that includes an intact skin and mucous membrane

chemical barriers

first line of defense that includes tears, saliva, hydrochloric acid, and perspiration

plasma cells

a subgroup of the B cell clone that secrets antibodies


recognition of self


the cell responsible for antigen presentation

antibody-mediated immunity

also called humoral immunity

cell-mediated immunity

T cell immunity

Complement and interferons are

protective proteins engaged in nonspecific immunity

Plasma cells

secrete antibodies

What is the primary concern regarding the care of a person experiencing an anaphylactic reaction

the inability to breathe

Which of the followin is least true of or related to a vaccine?

passive, immediate onset, and short-lived immunity

Inflammation is

characterized by redness, heat, swelling, and pain

Leukocytosis is generally an dndication

that the WBC's are engaging in phagocytosis

Which of the following is the least true of the kupffer cells?

engage in antibody-mediated immunity

The redness and heat of inflammation is caused by


A person has an infection and his phagocytes respond appropriately by releasing pyrogens, thereby resetting the body's thermostat. What happens next?

he shivers, thereby producing heat.

When activated, this protective protein swarms over the bacerium, punching holes in its membrane and increasing its susceptibility to phagocytosis


This member of the T cell clone destroys the bacterium by pumching holes in its cell memebrane and by secreting lymphokines that enhance phagocytic activity

killer T cells

Helper T cells

secrete a hymphokine that stimulates B and T cells activity and, in general enhance the immune response

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) attacts the helper T cells, thereby

Making the person more susceptible to infection


attack antigens

The CD4+ T cell is a

helper T cell

An antigen-antibody ineraction

causes agglutination

If you have a high measles antibody titer, you

must have had measles as a child

Which of the following is a marker for immune function and is used to monitor the progession of HIV infection?

CD4+ T cell count

The administration of tetanus toxoid

Conveys short-lasting passive immunity

Which of the following is true of naturally acquired active immunity

"Getting the disease" as a child conveys this type of immunity

With which of the following is an immediate hypersensitivity reaction most associated?


Which of the following stimulates memory cells to produce antibody-secreting plasma cells?

a booster shot

IgE antibodies

bind to mast cells, liberating histamine

The release of histamine is of concern because it

constricts breathing passages

A drug that_________ would be most useful in the treatment of anaphylactic shock.

relaxes the smooth muscles of the respiratory passages

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