Looking at Movies Chapter 9


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What is sound design?
What are the responsibilities of the sound designer?
The art of creating the sound for a film
The process of initial sound recording
Internal and external sounds.

Onscreen and offscreen sounds.
-Whenever we what we assume are the thoughts of a character within a scene

-comes from a place within the world
-heard by the characters in the world

-emanantes from a source we can see

-can be either diegetic or nondiegetic
-from a source we cannot see
Is a movie limited to a certain number of tracks?
Nope there is no limit
Sound design, recording, editing and mixing
Sound Effect
A sound artificially created for the sound track that has a definite function in telling the story
How does sound call our attention to both the spatial and temporal dimensions of a scene?
Primarily, sound helps the filmmaker tell a movie's story by reproducing and intensifying the world that has been partially created by the film's visual elements. A good soundtrack can make the audience aware of the spatial and temporal dimensions of the screen, raise expectations, create rhythm, and develop characters. Either directly or indirectly, these functions provide the viewer with cues to interpretation and meaning. Sounds that work directly include dialogue, narration, and sound effects (often Foley sounds) that call attention (the characters 'or ours) to on- or off-screen events.
Cite an example of sound that is faithful to its source and an example that is not.
Faithful- sound recorded during production

Foley sound
What is a sound bridge? What are its functions?
Sound bridges help the the story move and make sense.

Sound that carries over from one shot to another before the sound of the second shot begins.
actors watch footage and synchronize their lips with it and reread lines
adding all of the sounds in post production
the process of combining different sound tracks onto one composite sound track synchronous with the picture
Ambient Sounds
The background of the setting or environment being filmed

Should not include any unintentionally recorded sounds

Helps set the mood and atmosphere and adds a sense of verisimilitude
Foley Sound
Created and recorded in sync with the picture
Foley sounds are unique
Foley artists