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desiring or consuming in great quantities; desiring huge amount

After skiing, I find that I have a VORACIOUS appetite.


choosing at random without careful selection; carelessly chosen

Modern warfare often results in the INDISCRIMINATE killing of combatants & innocent civilians alike.


of high reputation, outstanding; of outstanding reputation

The EMINENT author received the Nobel Price for literature.


soaked, drenched, saturated; to be completely soaked in something

My cousin is so STEEPED in schoolwork that his friends call him a bookworm.


completely filled or supplied with

The football game was REPLETE with excitement and great plays.


to exist in great numbers; existing in great number

The western plains used to ABOUND with bison before those animals were slaughtered by settlers.


branch of knowledge dealing with engineering, applied science, etc; related to science of engineering

Man may be freed from backbreaking labor by the products of scientific TECHNOLOGY.


to predict or foretell a future event; to be able to tell what will happen in the future

The mayor refused to PROGNOSTICATE as to his margin of victory in the election.


a robot; a mechanical "person"; machine that behaves like a person

The time is approaching when human workers may be replaced by AUTOMATONS.


an older married woman; a mature woman

A clever salesman will always ask a MATRON if her mother is home.


to increase or add to; to add to

His gloom was now COMPOUNDED by the failing mark on his geometry test.


historical records

The ANNALS of sports are replete with the names of great black athletes.


a statement which at first seems to be absurd or self-contradictory but which may in fact turn out to be true; seemingly self-contradictory situation

One of the great PARADOXES of American life is that though minority groups have suffered injustices, nowhere in the world have so many varied groups have lived together so harmoniously.


a trace, smattering, or slight degree; small amount of

A TINGE of garlic is all that's necessary in most recipes.


special field of something or someone; kingdom; someone's special field

The cruel king would not allow the prince to enter his REALM, restricting him to the forest which abounded with wild animals.


to pester, nag, annoy persistently; to continually nag

The teacher continually BADGERS the pupil for the missing assignments.


to plead urgently for aid or mercy; beg for assistance

The sick child's mother IMPLORES the doctor to come immediately.


unpleasant, dull, or hard work; dull, difficult work

She does her homework on Fridays to save herself from the DRUDGERY of having to do it during the weekend.



I listened to the boring lecture for what seemed an INTERMINABLE fifty minutes.


to understand, know, become aware of; to come to have an understanding of

The eminent scientist PERCEIVES difficulties in putting the invention into practice.

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