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Niacin is necessary to prevent the Disease
In the Body 99% of calcium is found in
Bones and teeth
Water constitutes___% of body weight
A major mineral associated with increased blood pressure is
A food that provides all the essential amino acids is
A saturated fatty acid contains
no double bonds
The childhood disease rickets is due to a deficiency of
vitamin D
Pancreatic lipase digest:
The protein that inactivates foreign bacteria and viruses is:
All adults should drink__cups of water a day
After fats are absorbed in the small intestine, they are transported via what system?
the daily amount of protein need for nearly all adults is__ grams per gram of fat
A desirable total serum cholinesterase level is than__ milligrams per deciliter
What is meant by the amino acid sequence of a protein?
order of appearance of amino acids in the peptide chain
In which form are most dietary lipids formed?
what food has contains rich supply of omega-3s fatty acids?
the nutrient essential for synthesis of blood clotting factors is:
vitamin K
the chemical element found in all amino acids but not found in either carbs or fats is:
what disease is cause by thiamin deficiency?
Mineral are classified in the following way:
Trace minerals are needed in amounts of 100 mg per day or less
If a fat contains mostly saturated fatty acids, its likely to be:
solid at room temp
which of the following is true about trans fatty acids found in stick margarine and vegetable shortening?
when consumed, they can lower good cholesterol (HDL) which is an undesirable effect
An essential amino acid:
cannon be synthesized in sufficient quantity to meet body needs
A major mineral associated with decreased blood pressure is
The basic building block of protein is called an
amino acid
What is the lipoprotein responsible for picking up "bad cholesterol" from the blood, so it can be transported back to the liver for excretion?
High-density lipoprotien (HDL)
Oilve oil contains abundant amounts of what type of fatty acid, considered to be "heart healthy"?
A hereditary condition caused by an incorrect amino acid in the amino acid sequence of a protein chain is:
Sickle cell anemia
Cooking an egg alters its appearance by changing its three dimensional folding arrangement, called:
Vitamin E functions primarily as an
what is true about fat-soluble vitamins?
like fats they are first transported through the lymphatic system
generally food folate sources are:
Green leafy vegetables
What is true about a mineral (such as Iron) absorption?
Minerals from animal products are better absorbed than those from plants
Basal Metabolism is:
Minimal energy used by the body to sustain itself, while resting and awake
During pregnancy a woman should focus on consuming
nutrient dense foods
Positive energy balance is when:
Energy intake is great than energy expended
When individuals loose weight quickly, most of the weight lost at the very beginning is from loss of
During the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy, a normal pregnancy weight woman should gain an average of :
0.75-1 pound per week
which activity would carb loading be warranted?
In order for a weight loss program to be healthy and successful...
the daily food guide pyramid should be followed
a major benefit of breastfeeding is:
It is tailor made fir infants, meeting nutrient need.
as one finds his or her weight loss slowing during a weight control program, the best practice is:
to increase physical activity
a negative engender balance is when
energy intake is less than energy expended
On of the healthy people 2010 objectives is to:
"double the proportion of adults engaging regularly in physical activity, preferably daily, in moderate physical activity for at least 30 min per day
Android obesity is associated with higher incidence of heart disease and is the type of obesity where fat deposits:
in the upper body called "apple shape"
If an athlete is too fat and is told to change his diet, what is the best weight loss approach?
A moderate decrease in calories, decreasing intake by 200 to 500 calories per day
for every pound lost during a work out__cups of water should be consumed after exercise to replenish the body
a physically active lifestyle may delay the onset and treat all the following except
Liver cancer
to help maintain adequate glycogen stores, an endurance athlete shout eat:
complex carbs such as pasta and bread
the professional triad for wight loss success includes:
physician, registered dietitian, exercise psychologist/therapist
what is the name of the high energy compound that cells use directly for fuel?
Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)
Joe loses 2 pound when working out, how much water should he drink for replenishment?
6 cups
what is true about the vitamin and mineral intake of athletes?
Most athletes tend to consume ample vitamins and minerals in their diet if they meet their kcalorie needs
The method for determining the energy content of food by measuring heat given off when it is burned in a chamber surrounded by water is called:
Bomb calorimetry
What is about protein intake for athletes
Most athletes eating a variety of foods will easily meet their increased protein needs due to their high volume of food intake
During an endurance event, such as a marathon, energy is derived from sources in the following order:
Phophocreatine, to anaerobic glucose use, to aerobic glucose use, to fat, to protein.
A disorder in which frequent secretive binging and purging occurs is called:
Most of the health problems in bulimia arise from
A disorder in which self starvation occurs is called
Anorexia Nervosa
Inorder for the treatment of an eating disorder to be successful, the following treatment team should be in place:
Psychologist, physician, nutritionist
The profile of someone with anorexia nervosa typically includes:
Middle and upper socioeconomic class
The profile of someone with bulimia typically includes:
With any eating disorder, the best chance of full recovery happens when:
There is early intervention.
These protein substances enhance digestion by helping chemical reactions to take place
the process that plants use to make glucose from Carbon dioxide and water in the presence of the sun's heat and light is called:
after digestion and absorption, which circulatory system carries fat and fat soluble vitamins before they enter the blood stream?
which term best describes failing health that results from longstanding dietary intake that does not meet nutritional needs?
Under nutrition
what is not a class of nutrient since it is not necessary for body function( even though it provides calories)?
Carbs contain__calories per gram
Most digestion and absorption takes place in the:
small intestine
the heat required to raise the temperature of 1 liter of water 1 degree Celsius is a
what principle promotes dietary balance?
consume a variety of foods from the five major food groups everyday
what is the function of mucus in the stomach?
Protects stomach cells from acidic gastric juices
what is a major source of lactose?
the major symptoms of lactose intolerance are:
Gas, abdominal pain, and distention
what statement best describes nutrient density?
consume foods that have the most nutrition for their kcalories
which of the following is not a dietary guideline for Americans?
never drink alcohol
the Dietary Guidelines were issued in response to what?
concerns regarding disease patterns in the US and the fact that many of them are diet related.
Jeff is asked to recall what he has eaten in the past 5 days this called:
a diet history
Carb digestion (starch) begins in the
mouth with salivary amylase
what structure prevents food from entering the trachea (wind pipe) when you swallow?
fibers belong to the class of nutrients known as
measurements of height, weight, body circumference, and body fat are called:
a decrease in bicarbonate in the small intestine could result in the formation of____ because without it the acids from the stomach would not be neutralized before entering there
an ulcer
Dietary fiber may play a key role in the prevention of which cancer?
all of the following are diet related caused of death in the US except:
what is a major monosaccharide found in the body?
which large vessel is the first to receive absorbed water soluble nutrients, transporting them to the liver
Portal vein
All of the following are monosaccharides (single sugars except:
Where are the most digestive enzymes produced?
muscles and liver
Protein contains__calories per gram
According to the FoofdGuide Pyramid, how many servings from bread, cereal, rice, and pasta group should be consumed daily?
which of the following about the nutrient composition of the American diet is true?
Too much of our carbs come from simple sugar