P1-Atomic structure


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Who made 1st atomic theory
J J THompson
Who improved on JJ Thompson Theory?
Who improved on Rutherford theory?
Niels Bohr
What was JJ Thompsons model called?
Plumb Pudding
Where did JJT say the electrons were?
In the middle
Where did Rutherford say the electrons were?
in a cloud surrounding a small positive nucleus
Where did Bohr say the electrons were?
In specific orbits around a positive nucleus
What is in the centre of an atom and what is its charge?
Protons are positive
Neutrons have no charge
What particle orbits the nucleus and what is its charge?
electron is negative
What is the approximate diameter of an atom?
1 x 10 to the -10 m
What do we call 2 or more atoms joined together?
a molecule
What particle is responsible for the formation of isotopes?
What material did Rutherford use to prove the structure of the atom?
How did Rutherford know the Thompson model was wrong?
The alpha particles bounced back
What is most of an atom made up of?
Empty space