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Natural selection will only lead to evolution if the trait being favored or eliminated:
is at least partly heritable
One factor that increases the chance of allopatric speciation is when a population:
is small and isolated
Which of the following are polyploid plants?
All of the choices: bananas, potatoes, oats, coffee beans
In the selection video which one of the following statements is true:
changes in a few genes can bring about big changes in a trait under selection
Cichlid speciation in lake Victoria is believed to have involved
sympatric speciation via habitat selection
The likelihood of allopatric speciation increases when a population is __________ and __________ the broader range of the species.
small...isolated from
Which one of the following statements about the Galápagos finches is false?
The common ancestor of the Galápagos finches appears to have come from the island of Cocos.
Speciation can occur as a result of reproductive isolation. Reproductive isolation can occur when individuals in two populations of organisms
All of the choices are correct
Which one of the following statements about the apple maggot is true according to the case study?
apple maggots are now distinguishable genetically from the hawthorn maggots
Which of the following prevents closely related species from interbreeding even when their ranges overlap?
Reproductive barriers
Organisms having more than two complete sets of chromosomes are said to be
Which of the following types of reproductive barriers separates a pair of insect species that could interbreed except that one mates on goldenrod flowers and the other on autumn daisies that blossom at the same time?
habitat isolation
A mountain range divides a freshwater snail species into two isolated populations. Erosion eventually lowers the range and brings the two populations together again, but when they mate, the resulting hybrids all produce sterile young. This scenario is an example of
Allopatric speciation
What is the nature of the reproductive barrier between a mutant tetraploid plant and its original diploid parents?
Speciation without geographic isolation is called __________ speciation
Based upon experiments using fruit flies,
Reproductive barriers may evolve as a consequence of a population's evolution in response to a new set of environmental conditions
In the apple maggot case, the ancestral fly population lived on which species of tree?
Which one of the following statements is false?
The morphological special concept relies upon identifying genotypic diversity and comparing the nucleotides of genes
Which one of the following is true about hybrid zones?
In hybrid zones, prezygotic barriers may get reinforced
A species concept related to the role or niche of a species is the _________ concept.
Which of the following types of reproductive barriers separates a pair of species that could interbreed except that one mates at dusk and the other at dawn?
Temporal isolation
When a tetraploid plant pollinates a diploid plant of the parental species, what will be the ploidy of the resulting zygote?
Which of the following situations would be most conducive to rapid speciation? (Assume the conditions described persist as long as necessary..
Four circus wolves escape on Long Island. To everyone's surprise, they establish a small but viable population, coexisting successfully with humans in a partly suburban environment. The population is physically isolated from other wolves.
Most polyploid species arise from
the hybridization of two parent species
Which one of the following is an example of a hybrid that is both vigorous and sterile?
a mule
A biological species is defined as a
A population or populations whose members have the potential to interbreed and produce fertile offspring
What goes best in the blanks Domain, ____________, Phylum __________,
kingdom, class
Order from general to specific
life, domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family genus, species
Frequently, a group of related species will each have a unique courtship ritual that must be performed correctly for both partners to be willing to mate. Such a ritual constitutes a type of
behavioral isolating mechanism.
Taxonomy is the science that deals with:
Naming and classifying species
Which of the following types of reproductive barriers separates a pair of moth species that could interbreed except that the females' mating pheromones are not attractive to the males of the other species?
Behavioral isolation
In the video you saw in class or online about natural election, Darwin's key analogy to explain natural selection involved ___________ selection
When F1 hybrids between corn and teosinte are crossed, 1/256 offspring have the same phenotype as corn for a certain genetic trait. This suggests that about how many major genes are involved?
A species concept most useful for fossils would be which one of the following?
Evolution is a response to interactions between organisms and
their current environment
The emergence of numerous species from a common ancestor that finds itself in a new and diverse environment is called
Adaptive radiation
Which one of the following is not reason to have a classification scheme?
standardize the english words for each species
The isolation of a population from other members of the species and the subsequent evolution of reproductive barriers between it and the parent species describes __________ speciation.