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Justify the Conclusion / Assumtion

What question type requires you to select an answer choice that logically proves the conclusion of the argument?

Assumtion solving tips

Any new information in the conclusion will appear in the correct answer.

Strengthen an Argument tips

Identify the conclusion, personalize the argument, look for weaknesses in the argument

Strengthen questions/ cause and effect solving tips

eliminate any alternate causes, shows cause occurs the effect occurs, cause does not occur the effect does not occur, eliminate possibility of relationship reversed, if data used it is accurate or eliminate problems with data

Justify the Conclusion Question example

the test results would provide the proof that the manufacturer clams they do if which one of the following is assumed?

Justify the Conclusion Question example

Which one of the following assumptions would allow the conclusion concerning eighteenth century chemistry to be propertly drawn

Justify the Conclusion Question example

Which onf of the following if assumed allows the conclusion above to be properly drawn?

Justify the Conclusion Question example

The conclusion of the argument flollows loggically if which one of the following is assumed?

Justify the Conclusion Question example

Which one of the following is an assumption tht would make the conclusion in the passage a logical one?

Assumption tips

Conclusion(valid) ----> Assumption(valid)

Assumption Negate Technique

Logically negate the answer choice under consideration
The negated answer that attacks the argument will be the correct answer.

Must be true tip

The correct answer to a must be true question can always be proven by referring to the facts in the stimulus.

Must be true formats

The stem often indicates the information in the stimulus should be taken as true, as in:
If the statement above are true,
The statement above, if true,
If the information above is correct,

Must be true correct answers

Paraphrased answers, answers that restate a portion of the stimulus but the language used is not exactly the same

Must be true correct answers

Answers that are the sum or combination of two or more stimulus statements

Opposite of Must be true

Not necessarily true

Opposite of not necessarily true

Must be true

Opposite of could be true

Can not be true

Opposite of Can not be true

Could be true

Must be true incorrect answers tips

An answer that is not necessarily true

Must be true incorrect answers tips

An answer that is exaggerated, like if "some" is exaggerated to "most"

Must be true incorrect answers tips

An answer that has new information will be wrong

Main point question tip

Many pain point questions place the conclusion at the beginnning or the middle of the stimulus

Main point question incorrect answers

answers that are true but do not encapsulate the authers point

Main point questions incorrect answers

Answers that repeat premises in the argument

Main point question example

Which one of the following most accurately expresses the conclusion of the journalist's argument?

Main point question example

The main point of the argument is that?

If Sufficient

Then Necessary













people who


in order to


to get


you will get






only if














Weaken question tip

almost all correct weaken answers leave the primises untouched, the conclusion is the what is most likely to be attacked

Weaken question tips

focus on the conclusion, often reasoning errors, correct answers can have new information in them

Strengthen questions set apart

strengthen questions ask you to support the argument in any way from 1% to 100%

Justify the conclusion set apart

they ask you to stengthen the arguement so powerfully that the conclusion is make logical, nothing less than 100%

Assumption questions set apart

ask you to identify the statement that the argument assumes or supposes, it is simply an unstated premise, what must be true for the argument to be true

Strengthen question example

The reasoning in the advertisement would be most strengthened if which one of the following were true?

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