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When does the patient drink the barium swallow?

During the x-ray

Describe CT scan

Radiology that rapidly scans single tissue planes in slices of 1 cm thick.

What instructions do you give patients for mammograms?

No deodorant, undress from waist up and give gown, and check for pregnancy.

What instructions do you give patients for a lower GI series?

Patient prep for barium enema by drinking a bottle of specially prepared laxative prior to exam.

How can you look at a virus.

Only seen with elctron microscope

How do CLIA regulations affect the MA?

MA can do moderate and wavier complexity of tests.

How long is a patient inside the tunnel machine during an MRI?

20-60 Minutes

What is a cholecystogram?

X-ray of gallbladder

What happens if a patient failed to preparefor diagnostic examination?


Can ultrasound be used for therapeutic reasons?

Yes physical therapy-break kidney stones.

What patients cannot have MRI's?

Pacemakers, pregnancy, obese, and claustrphobia

MRI scans what part of the body?

Entire body except the bones

List laboratory safety:

a. No pens/pencils in mouth or behind ears
b. No food or drinks in lab
c. fingernails kept short
d. contaminated material must be discarded in appropriate container


Capable of living


isolating bacteria


substance expelled through coughing or clearing bronchi


Minute living organisms


Evacuation of bowels


disease causing microorganisms


pregnancy hormone


visualization of blood vessel


nothing by mouth


physicians office lab

Describe the perfect environment for the growth of microorganism

dark, moist, body temp, and natural pH

What type of x-rays is used in the treatment of cancer?


What department would preform a thyroid uptake scan?

Nuclear medicine

An IV pyelogram examines what part of the body?

Kidneys, Ureter, Bladder

What determines which classification the physicians office laboratory (POL) is and under which body it is regulated?

CLIA and complexity of tests preformed

What instructions do you give to a patient before and upper GI

NPO @ midnight

The part of the microscope that supports the eyepiece is called what?


How do you carry a microscope?

One had ont he base and one hand on the arm.

A patient is instructed to drink 24 to 32 ounces of fluid without urinating before taking what type of test?

Fetal ultrasound

How does a patient prepare for an abdominal ultrasound?

No prep.

What is the patients preperation for an IV Poelogram?

NPO and iodine sensitivity test.

Anteroposterior (AP)

front to back


Back to front





What is the name of the test to determine which antibiotic will be effective in killing the bacteria?


What governing body regulates all human testing...


What do you call the records obtained by ultrasonic scanning?


What you call a body scan that may be used to determined the function of the thyroid gland?

Thyroid uptake scan

Why should women avoid using power or perfumes on the day of a mammogram?

Can affect image clarity

What are the 4 small lenses on the nose piece called?


How do you view greater detail under the microscope?

Move to the next highest objective.

List to commonly used contrast mediums.

Barium sulfate and Iodine

The american cancer society makes what recommendation for mammograms.

35-39: get baseline
40-49: every year or every other year
50-above: every year


An xray record of the blood vessels made visible through the use of injected radiopaque contrast medium


The process of making an xray record of blood vessels.


The process of making an xray record of the arteries.


Radiation therapy in which the radioactive substance is inserted into a body cavity or organ. The source of radiation is located a short distance from the body are being treated.


An xray record of the gallbladder that is made visible through the use of a radiopaque contrast medium.


The process of using ultrasound as a diagnostic tool.


The process of examining internal structures by viewing the shadows cast on a florescent screen after the xray has passed through the body.


An xray record of the uterus and fallopian tubes that is made visible through the use of a radiopaque contrast medium.


an xray record of the kidney and renal pelvis that is made visible through the use of and injected radiopaque contrast medium.


the process of obtaining pictures of the breast through the use of xrays.


an xray record of the spinal cord that is made visible through the use of a radiopaque contrast medium.


The process whereby radiant energy is propagated through space or matter


Characterized by emitting radiant energy.


inflammation of the skin caused by exposure to xrays or radioactive substances.


To determine a diagnosis through the use of xrays.


A picture produced on a sensitized film or plate by rays: an xray record


One who is skilled in making xray records


The process of making an xrya record.


one who specializes in radiology


The study of xrays, radioactive substances, radioactive isotopes, and ionizing radiation.


Death of tissue caused by exposure to radiant energy.


The treatment of disease by the use of xrays, radium, and other radioactive substances.


a record produced by ultrasonography


The process of cutting across and producing images of single tissue planes.


The process of using ultrasound to produce a record of ultrasonic echoes as they strike tissues of different densities


The process of making an xray record of veins.


Pertaining to hair loss.


A condition in which there is a loss of appetite.

aplastic anemia

A type of anemia in which there is aplasia or destruction of the bone marrow.

Barium sulfate

a radiopaque barium compound used as a contrast medium

Contrast medium

A radiopaque substance used in certain xray procedures to permit visualization of organs or structures


The process of feeling an object, area, or person of some contaminating substance (bacteria, poisonous gas)


The process of introducing a substance or solution into the rectum and colon.

Film Badge

A device that is sensitive to ionizing radiation. it is worn by one who is around xrays to monitor the degree of exposure to the beta and gamma rays.


The time required for half of the radioactivity of a substance to be reduced by radioactive decay.

in vitro

Within a glass


A metallic chemical element

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

A technique that uses radiowaves and a magnet. Emits FM radiowaves of a certain frequency that are detected in a specific body area contained with an external magnetic field.


One who specializes in the use of radiant energy for therapeutic purposes.


Barium Enema


computed tomography.


magnetic resonance imaging



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