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what cavity classification indicates the use of an anterior dental dam clamp?

class V

what equipment is used to perform a limited rinse?

air-water syringe and HVE

after administration of anesthesia what type of moisture control would be used to rinse the taste from the patients mouth?

Saliva ejector

The purpose of inverting the dental dam is to?

prevent saliva leakage.

the HVE tip is beveled so that it can be positioned parallel to the site for better?


what are the two types of evacuators used in dental procedures?

high-volume suction and saliva ejector

the main function of the saliva ejector is to?

remove saliva and water

operative suction tips are made from?

stainless steel , plastic

what rinsing technique is regularly completed throughout a procedure?


what method of isolation is commonly used for sealent placement?

cotton roll

name the hereditary abnormality in which there are hypoplasia-type defects in the enamel formation?

amelogenesis imperfecta

roman number lV is ?


roman number Vl is?


why is it important to wet a cotton roll prior to removal?

the cotton roll may pull on the lining mucosa

teeth that are visible after the dam material is placed are referred to as being?


what would be the best type of isolation for a class lV restoration?

dental dam

what is the part of the dental dam clamp that is stabilized around the anchor tooth?

the Jaw

what is the term for abnormally large jaws?


what term is used to describe to teeth joining together?


what term is used for abnormally small teeth?


what is a more common term for ankyloglossia?

tongue tied

what is the name for bony growths in the palate?

torus palatinus

what types of lesions are above the surface?


what types of lesions are below the surface?


what type of lesions are even with the surface?


what condition appears as a white patch or area?


what condition results from an infection caused by a yeastlike fungus?


what is another term for canker sore?

aphthous ulcer

what is the condition in which inflammation causes severe pain and high fever?


what is the term for inflammation of the tongue?


what is the condition in which a pattern on the tongue changes?

geographic tongue

what is the condition in which the body does not absorb vitamin B12?

pernicious anemia

what is a common precancerous lesion among users of smokeless tobacco?


what is the term for a malignant lesion in the epithelial tissue of the oral cavity?


what causes radiation caries?

lack of saliva

what is the condition frequently seen on the lateral border of the tongue of patients with HIV/AIDS ?

hairy leukoplakia

what opportunistic infection is seen as purplish colored lesions on the skin or oral mucosa of patients with AIDS/HIV?

kaposi's sarcoma

what is the malignant condition that involves the lymph nodes of patients with HIV/AIDS?


the links in the chain of infection are?

virulence, microorganisms, susceptible host, portal of entry

the CDC is what?

guidelines for infection control in dental health care

CDC issues specific recommendations on scientific evidence?

guidelines for infection CONTROL in DENTAL health CARE-settings standard of care.

regulatory agency whose role it is to issue specific standards to protect the health of employess in the USA?


CDC standard precautions applies to contact with ?

all body fluids, secretions except sweat, but only if they contain blood

CDC guidelines and the OSHA bloodborne pathogen standard consider saliva to be a ?

potentially infectious body fluid

waste that has had contact with blood or other body fluids is considered contaminated and is disposed of as what ? in most states

general waste

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