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Mr. Smith Goes To Washington


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Jefferson Smith
played by James Stewart, Academy Award nominee for Best Actor, is chosen by the governor of his state to be a temporary Senate replacement
Senator Joseph Paine
played by Claude Rains, Academy Award nominee for Best Supporting Actor (the senior senator from Jefferson Smith's state who is idolized by Smith)
played by Jean Arthur (a cynical member of Senator Paine's staff who is assigned as Smith's secretary)
James (Jim) Taylor
played by Edward Arnold (He is the corrupt political boss of Smith's state. No political or economic decision is made in the state without Taylor's okay.
Diz Moore
played by Thomas Mitchell (Long-Time DC newspaper reporter who at first mocks Smith for all his patriotic fervor but becomes a supporter when it counts
Chick McGann
played by the corpulent character actor Eugene Pallette (one of Taylor's henchmen, he provides a good does of comic relief in the film)
Governor Hubert (Happy) Hopper
played by Guy Kibbee (The tool of the Taylor organization in the governor's mansion, he bears the blame when Smith defies Taylor.
Susan Paine
played by South Manchester, CT native Astrid Allwyn (Senator Paine's daughter who keeps Smith away from the Senate on a crucial voting day)
H.V Kaltenborn
famed CBS radio broadcaster who appears as himself