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Main Idea: There are some unusual flavors of ice cream.
Supporting Detail: Some people enjoy garlic flavored ice cream.
Main Idea: Americans love ice cream!
Supporting Detail: Most Americans prefer vanilla over any other flavor of ice cream.
The main idea is the
most important point the author is trying to make.
Supporting details are statements that help
explain or prove the author's point.
Main Idea: The rain forest is home to many creatures.
Supporting Detail: Monkeys, toucans, butterflies and anteaters live in the rain forest.
Main Idea: Soccer players learn many skills when playing soccer.
Supporting Detail: Most importantly, soccer players learn how to work together with their teammates.
Main Idea: There are many fun things to do at the beach.
Supporting Detail: Playing beach volleyball can be a lot of fun.
Main Idea: Wolves are predators.
Supporting Detail: They like to hunt anything from mice, rabbits, deer, and even moose.
Main Idea: It is easy to spot the large mouth bass.
Supporting Detail: This green fish has dark spots and a dark stripe on each side of its body.
Main Idea: Eating ice cream can cause a sensation known as "brain freeze."
Supporting Detail: This "ice cream headache" usually lasts about 30 seconds.

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