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coast (n)
the land next to or close to the sea
cliff (n)
a high area of rock with a very steep side, often on a coast
lagoon (n)
an area of sea water separated from the sea by a reef (= a line of rocks and sand)
peak (v/n)
the top of a mountain, or the mountain itself
deep (adj)
having a long distance from the top to the bottom
wave (n)
a raised line of water which moves across the surface of an area of water
steep (adj)
a steep slope, hill, etc goes up or down very quickly.
Impressive (adj)
making you feel admiration because they are skilful or good, etc.
feature (n)
a typical quality, or important part of something
wild (adj)
living in a natural state, not changed or controlled by people
environment (n)
the air, water, and land in or on which people, animals, and plants live
invade (v)
to enter a place in large numbers
face (v)
to have to deal with a difficult situation
giant (adj / n)
extremely big, or much bigger than other similar things
escape (v)
to succeed in getting away from a place where you do not want to be
extinction (n)
when a type of animal no longer exists
destroy (v)
to damage something so badly that it cannot be used
cause (v/n)
someone or something that makes something happen
damage (v/n)
harm or injury
nature (n)
all the things that exist in the universe, which are not made by people
impossible (adj)
cannot happen, exist, or be done
magical (adj)
special or exciting
plant (n)
a living thing that grows in the soil or water and has leaves and roots
trigger (v)
to make something happen suddenly
crucial (adj)
extremely important or necessary
adapt (v)
to change something to suit different conditions or uses
aid (n)
money, equipment or services that are provided for people in need.
occur (v)
to happen (especially of accidents and other unexpected events)
sufficient (adj)
enough for a particular purpose
sustain (v)
to make something continue to exist or happen for a period of time
collapse (v)
to fall down suddenly
conclude (v)
to end a speech, meeting or piece of writing
erode (v)
if the weather erodes rock or soil, its surface is gradually destroyed
violate (v)
to break or act against something, especially a law, agreement, principle
random (adj)
without any plan or aim
restore (v)
to return something to an earlier good condition
globe (n)
the world
release (v)
to allow a substance to flow out from somewhere

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