The Roman Republic preceded (came before) the Roman monarchy in historical order.
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The city at which the First Punic War began because certain mercenaries appealed to both Rome and Carthage for help:Messina/MessanaThe "raven" or "crow" on a Roman ship was:a bridge that hooked onto another ship and allowed boardingThe Roman magistrates that controlled the taking of the census and admission into the senate, among other things:sensorsThe Plebeians were all the Roman citizens who were not Patricians.TrueThe Roman assembly composed of 35 tribes - 4 Urban tribes and 31 Rural Tribes:comitia tributa or Tribal AssemblyIn Egyptian thought and iconography (art), Alexander the Great was considered a pharaoh after he conquered Egypt.TrueThe highest office in Rome during the Republic, held by 2 men elected to hold the office:consulAlexander the Great conquered the Near East up to and including Babylon but went no further.FalseThe term for the magistrates who were at the lowest rung in the "course of honor," and whose job it was to investigate crime and to handle financial affairs in Rome:QuaestorsThe river that flows through Rome is the Tagus River.FalseThe land southwest and southeast of Carthage that was a client state of Rome and thus kept raiding Carthage:NumidiaThe women abducted by Romulus in the legends of early Rome were from this local tribe:the SabinesThe Latin term for what is now Spain was Hispania.TrueTiberius Gracchus (tribune in 133 BCE) was known for:agrarian (that is, land) reformsThe ancient city of Carthage was/is located in this modern country:TunisiaPolybius was a Greek historian who lived through the Punic Wars.TrueThe battle in 338 at which Philip and Alexander defeated the Thebans and their sacred band was the Battle of Chaeronea.TrueOne theory about the origins of the Etruscans is that they came from Anatolia.TrueThe traditional founder of Rome (753 BCE) who killed his brother over a disagreement about where to build Rome was Remus.FalseRoman laws were legislated by only one Roman body, the Senate.FalseWho conquered the Seleucid Empire?PompeiiTumulus tombs were located atCerveteriReligious boundary around city of RomepomeriumWhere Romulus and Remus were foundLupercalIn charge of public buildings, festivals, and policeAedilesFirst Punic war carthagian defeat and switch to naval strategy was at the battle of:AgrigentumCarthage improves navy in FPW and defeats Romans at the Battle of _________ Islands:LipariCampaigned in Hispania but was defeated by Scipio AfricanusHasdrubalIn SPW, Romans defeated Hannibal at Battle of______:ZamaCounted the equites away to try and take power away from the Senate and empower popular assembliesGaius Gracchus89 CE attacks Romans in AsiaMithridates of PontusWon war in greece and comeback to RomeSullaCalled the "First Man", called for the restoration of the republicOctavian