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  1. These organisms require oxygen at a lower concentration than found in the atmosphere
  2. During this growth phase cells divide exponentially
  3. Antibodies and enzymes are examples.
  4. The major proponent of spontaneous generation
  5. What kind of chemical bonds hold organic material together?
  1. a covalent bonds
  2. b log phase
  3. c Needham
  4. d microaerophiles
  5. e Proteins

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  1. Electron Trasport chain in cell wall
  2. Lister
  3. ATP
  4. pasteurization
  5. Metchnikoff

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  1. This organism is an acidophile; causes gastric ulcershelicobacterpylori, H-pylori


  2. Jumping genesHerpes simplex 1


  3. What are examples of Tetratogens we studied?acid < 7, base > 7


  4. What is monotrichous? How many flagella?DNA with two or more sources


  5. Glucose --->pyruvic acidtranscription