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  1. This disease has been completely eradicated by vaccination in 1980
  2. Which organisms are permenant houseguests?
  3. Discovered penicillin
  4. "Break-bone fever"
  5. Antibodies and enzymes are examples.
  1. a Fleming
  2. b Proteins
  3. c Dengue Fever
  4. d Smallpox
  5. e Herpes

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  1. psychophile
  2. mumps
  3. Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Pseudomonos
  4. chemoautotroph
  5. Salmonella

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  1. This phase of cellular respiration takes place in the prokaryotic cell membraneElectron Trasport chain in cell wall


  2. One must have chickenpox first to develop this infectionmeasles


  3. Glucose --->pyruvic acidGlycolosis, 2 ATP


  4. Bakers yeast; produces alcohol by fermentationalgea


  5. Responible for one enzyme-one protein theoryalgea