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  1. Who was Semmelweiss?
  2. Cynobacteria are examples of this nutritional type
  3. What is ethylene oxide? How is it used?
  4. This germicidal activity is about 260 nm
  5. Another term for cleaning
  1. a photoautroph
  2. b Handwashing
  3. c sanitization
  4. d It is a gas used to kill all microbes and endospores but requires lengthy exposure times. It is highly penetrable and effective for use in steriliztion. Used to sterilize petree dishes.
  5. e nonionizing radiation, UV

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  1. Herpes, Rubella, Cytomegaloviruses
  2. bacteria, prokaryotes
  3. Clostridium
  4. Lister
  5. Proteins and phospholipids

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  1. Vaccinations for this infection include Salk, Sabin and OPVViroid


  2. 100*CHerpes simplex 1


  3. All members of this genius are acid-fastTwo long strands wrapped around each other to form a double helix. Looks like a twisted ladder and each strand is composed of many nucleotides. Each neucleotide is made of a sugar, phosphate and a base. There are four different bases; adenine, thymine, cytocine, guanine. Watson & Crick


  4. Enzymes that are only present if the substrate is present (certain conditions exist)constitutive


  5. Most pathogens and normal microbiota are classified in this groupchemoheterotroph