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  1. Who was Semmelweiss?
  2. Nitrifying bacteria are examples of this nutritional type
  3. Developed the vaccine for smallpox
  4. Vaccinations for this infection include Salk, Sabin and OPV
  5. What is the pH of an acid?
  1. a Handwashing
  2. b acid < 7, base > 7
  3. c chemoautotroph
  4. d poliomyelitis
  5. e Jenner

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  1. exact chemical composition is known
  2. fungi
  3. protozoa
  4. DNA with two or more sources
  5. protozoa

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  1. Which type of bacteria has a lipopolysaccharide outer membrane?photoautroph


  2. What caused the pandemic of 1918 that killed more people that in WW1?Influenza


  3. What is the purpose of endospores?DNA with two or more sources


  4. How is Hep A transmitted?Fecal-oral


  5. These microorganisms grow better at high temperaturesThermophiles


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