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  1. The main energy source for most living cells?
  2. How can you grow viruses?
  3. Who was Semmelweiss?
  4. These are the primary compounds that make up the cell membrane.
  5. Koplik spots are characteristic lesions of this infection
  1. a animals, cell host, fertal egg
  2. b Handwashing
  3. c Proteins and phospholipids
  4. d ATP
  5. e measles

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  1. shingles
  2. CO2 lover
  3. Dengue Fever
  4. acid < 7, base > 7
  5. bacteria, prokaryote

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  1. This is a base substitution mutationPoint mutation


  2. The yogurt bacteriatranscription


  3. Describe the structure of DNALactobacillus acidophilus


  4. A salivary gland infection that can lead to sterility in postpubertal malesObligate aerobe


  5. This virus is spread by inhalation of dried urine from infected rodentsHantaVirus Pulmonary Syndrome


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