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  1. What caused the pandemic of 1918 that killed more people that in WW1?
  2. What is a chemically defined medium?
  3. What is monotrichous? How many flagella?
  4. An organism that cannot grow without oxygen
  5. Carbon dioxide + water -->glucose + water+ oxygen
  1. a Oxygenic photosynthesis
  2. b Influenza
  3. c Obligate aerobe
  4. d A single flagellum at one pole, has one flagella
  5. e exact chemical composition is known

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  1. Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Pseudomonos
  2. tranposons
  3. prion
  4. protozoa
  5. Dengue Fever

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  1. Genetic transfer involving "naked DNA"Dengue Fever


  2. First to observe microorganismsLeeuwenhoek


  3. During this growth phase cells are metabolically active; preparing to dividelog phase


  4. 62*C for 30 minutesanimal disease that can be spread to humans


  5. This organism is an acidophile; causes gastric ulcersfungi