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  1. These microbes have no cell wall, only a cell membrane
  2. "Father of Microbiology", Disproved spontaneous generation
  3. One must have chickenpox first to develop this infection
  4. During this growth phase cells are metabolically active; preparing to divide
  5. These organisms have a cell wall composed of chitin
  1. a shingles
  2. b fungi
  3. c protozoa
  4. d Pastuer
  5. e lag phase

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  1. Fecal-oral
  2. helicobacterpylori, H-pylori
  3. Lipid
  4. conjugation
  5. HantaVirus Pulmonary Syndrome

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  1. 100*Cboiling


  2. Carbon dioxide + water -->glucose + water+ oxygenOxygenic photosynthesis


  3. These microorganisms grow better at high temperaturesThermophiles


  4. The genius of anaerobic sporeformersClostridium


  5. This virus is a "slapped cheek" appearance in childrenHPV