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  1. Coldsores
  2. Insoluable in water; steroids are examples.
  3. Which bacteria are used to test the effectiveness of disinfectants?
  4. Most pathogens and normal microbiota are classified in this group
  5. During this growth phase cells are metabolically active; preparing to divide
  1. a Herpes simplex 1
  2. b lag phase
  3. c Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Pseudomonos
  4. d Lipid
  5. e chemoheterotroph

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  1. inducible
  2. photoautroph
  3. bacteriaphage
  4. acid < 7, base > 7
  5. animal disease that can be spread to humans

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  1. These microbes are photosyntheticbacteria, prokaryotes


  2. Type of enzyme always present in a cell.constitutive


  3. The genius of anaerobic sporeformersLactobacillus acidophilus


  4. Discovered phagocytic cellsFleming


  5. These organisms prefer oxygen but can ferment if oxygen is presentpsychophile