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  1. This virus is a "slapped cheek" appearance in children
  2. Antibodies and enzymes are examples.
  3. What are examples of Tetratogens we studied?
  4. This virus is the most common cause of pneumonia in infants
  5. The major proponent of spontaneous generation
  1. a Proteins
  2. b Needham
  3. c Herpes, Rubella, Cytomegaloviruses
  4. d Fifth Disease
  5. e Respiratory Syncytial Virus, RSV

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  1. mycobacteria
  2. Rabies
  3. Clostridium
  4. fungi
  5. Saccharomyces

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  1. These organisms have a cell wall composed of chitinfungi


  2. Which bacteria are used to test the effectiveness of disinfectants?Salmonella


  3. Genetic transfer involving "naked DNA"transformation


  4. Most pathogens and normal microbiota are classified in this groupprotozoa


  5. Freeze-drying to preserve bacteriaLyophilization