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  1. These organisms require oxygen at a lower concentration than found in the atmosphere
  2. This is an example of an obligate Halophile
  3. What caused the pandemic of 1918 that killed more people that in WW1?
  4. This virus is a "slapped cheek" appearance in children
  5. This is a base substitution mutation
  1. a Fifth Disease
  2. b Influenza
  3. c Halobacteria
  4. d Point mutation
  5. e microaerophiles

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  1. Glycolosis, 2 ATP
  2. inducible
  3. Herpes
  4. Fleming
  5. protozoa

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  1. Responible for one enzyme-one protein theoryProteins


  2. A salivary gland infection that can lead to sterility in postpubertal malesmumps


  3. What is monotrichous? How many flagella?It is a gas used to kill all microbes and endospores but requires lengthy exposure times. It is highly penetrable and effective for use in steriliztion. Used to sterilize petree dishes.


  4. These organisms possess only one chromosomebacteria, prokaryote


  5. Koplik spots are characteristic lesions of this infectionmeasles