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  1. These organisms prefer oxygen but can ferment if oxygen is present
  2. What are examples of Tetratogens we studied?
  3. Coldsores
  4. Gram neg bacillus; normal bacteria of the large intestine
  5. "Father of Microbiology", Disproved spontaneous generation
  1. a Facultive anaerobe
  2. b Pastuer
  3. c Herpes simplex 1
  4. d E. coli
  5. e Herpes, Rubella, Cytomegaloviruses

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  1. Glycolosis, 2 ATP
  2. transcription
  3. triglycerides
  4. protozoa
  5. Fleming

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  1. Nitrifying bacteria are examples of this nutritional typechemoautotroph


  2. During this growth phase cells divide exponentiallystationary phase


  3. Freeze-drying to preserve bacteriaLyophilization


  4. Vaccinations for this infection include Salk, Sabin and OPVmycobacteria


  5. All members of this genius are acid-fastProteins