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Archiving, indexing, compression, encryption

Advanced attributes on NTFS partitions.

Archive, hidden, read-only, system

Four standard file and folder attributes


A standard attribute used to determine the backup status of a file or folder.


Advanced attribute of the NTFS file system used to reduce the amount of space that files and folders occupy on a partition or volume.

Data Decryption Field (DDF)

The storage location for the file encryption key (FEK) is and EFS-encrypted file.

Data recovery agent

A user account capable of gaining access to EFS-encrypted files encrypted by other users. In a domain environment, the domain Administrator account is the default recovery agent.

Disk quotas

A Windows Server 2003 feature that is used as a means of monitoring and controlling the amount of disk space available to users.

Distributed File System (DFS)

A system that enables folders shared from multiple computers to appear as though they exist in one centralized hierarchy of folders instead of on many different computers.

Domain-based DFS model

A DFS model that used Active Directory and is available only to servers and workstations that are members of a particular domain.

Encrypting File System (EFS)

An advanced attribute of NTFS that enables a user to encrypt the contents of a folder or a file so that it can only be accessed via private key code by the user who encrypted it or a data recovery agent by default.

File encryption key (FEK)

The session key used to encrypt the contents of a file when EFS encryption is used.

Hidden attribute

A standard attribute that controls the visibility of files and folders.

Read-only attribute

A standard attribute, that when configured, does not allow the contents of a file or folder to be changed.

Standalone DFS model

A DFS model in which there is no Active Directory implementation to help manage the shared fodlers. This model provides only a single or flat level share.

System attribute

A standard attribute typically associated with critical operating system files.

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