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  1. bode
  2. covetous
  3. auroral
  4. apocalyptic
  5. apocryphal
  1. a inauthentic; spurious; invented rather than true
  2. b foreshadow; portend
  3. c prophetic; pertaining to revelations
  4. d eagerly desirous of; avaricious. I am covetous of your wealth.
  5. e pertaining to the aurora borealis

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  1. bless or sanctify; proclaim someone dead to be one of the blessed
  2. heat-producing
  3. place where different trees and shrubs are studied/exhibited
  4. accidental; casual
  5. to dress with vulgar finery

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  1. abnegationwashing


  2. brawndiscuss lightly or glibly; exchange words heatedly


  3. cadgeinsincere expressions of piety; jargon of thieves


  4. animadversionrefer to


  5. consequentialpompous; self-important