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  1. anthropoid
  2. canard
  3. acerbity
  4. abstemious
  5. archetype
  1. a bitterness of speech and temper
  2. b sparing in eating and drinking
  3. c false or unfounded story; fabricated report
  4. d prototype; primitive pattern
  5. e manlike

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  1. faultfinding
  2. reckon; calculate
  3. threatening; menacing; sinister
  4. nest of large bird of prey like eagle or hawk
  5. pertaining to marriage

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  1. avuncularpertaining to the aurora borealis


  2. cleavefalse or unfounded story; fabricated report


  3. cipher1) nonentity; worthless person or thing 2) secret code


  4. beatificshowing or producing joy; blissful


  5. amokhighly excited; intensely curious


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