Chapter 43

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Which of the following best describes placing a sample of body secretions on a special medium to allow bacteria to grow?
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Which of the following best describes the results of a Gram stain?Gram positive bacteria will turn purpleWhich of the following is the Ziehl-Neelsen stain used for testing?Acid-fast bacteriaWhich of the following is the KOH used for testing?Fungi and sporesWhich of the following is the type of media classification that supports the growth of one type of organism while inhibiting the growth of another?SelectiveWhich of the following bacteria are round in shape and can occur in clusters or pairs?CocciFrom which of the following is the organism Neisseria meningitis obtained?Cerebrospinal fluidWhich of the following is the next step when there is more than one pathogen growing in a bacterial culture?Set up a subculture and separate bacteria to another mediaWhich of the following is an organism requiring special media and an atmosphere of reduced oxygen and increased carbon dioxide?Neisseria gonorrhoeaeWhen using KOH on a wet mount, what does the KOH do?Clears debrisWhat is the organism that causes strep throat?Group A, beta-hemolytic streptococcusWhich of the following best describes the use of the colony streaking technique?Plate urine culturesWhich of the following is true regarding culture media?Agar is poured into a Petri dishAfter the agar plate has been inoculated and properly labeled, what must you do with the plate?Turn it upside-down, and place in the proper environment for growthWhen a patient has a bacterial infection that is not responding to the antibiotic, what test might the physician order?C & SHow can a fungus infection be diagnosed?Use a Wood's lampGiardiasis Lamblia is often contracted by which of the following?Mountain hikersWhich of the following is a serious issue caused by hookworm infection?Anemia