EDUC 1300


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To maintain a healthy diet, you should:
watch your portion sizes
consumed in larger quantities , caffeine can cause;
stomach irritation
physiological changes that occur under stress include
all of the above
according to your text, what is the best method to maintain weight and manage stress?
aerobic exercise
eating disorders are
life-threatening if not treated
what is the only remedy to help sober someone up from being intoxicated
wellness means taking care of
all of the above
according to the text, which of the following contraceptive methods offers protection from STIs
the writing process includes
free writing, drafting, and revising
which of the following is NOT one of the guidelines for successful speaking
provide comprehensive information on visual aids
which word should be used to separate keywords when doing academic research online if you want results that feature the first word and exclude
according to the text,______, are the authorities on how to find information
the information professionals at your library
whenever you have research to do, you should
visit a library
the only time it is okay NOT to cite information is when you
are writing something original that doesn't rely on source material
once you have determined that a source is relevant to your project , check that it was created by somebody
with authority
citing your sources serves many purposes, including
distinguishing between various writers' ideas and your own
to become an informed and successful user of information you should do all the following EXCEPT
focus on retrieval of information, rather than interpretation
when it comes to library research, what is the 20-minute rule?
if you have been working diligently on a research project for 20 minutes and haven't found what you need, stop and ask a librarian for help
according to the text, the body usually gets rid of alcohol at the rate of
one drink an hour
most depression goes away on its own, but cause for concerns exists if symptoms
last for more than two weeks
according to john holland, for someone in the _______ category, accounting would be an ideal occupation
according to the text, two types of skills are essential to employment and to life; they are _______
content and transferable
holland's hexagonal model of career fields can help you_______
both a and c
the PARK method is helpful in an interview by helping you focus on the ______ when thinking through possible answers
most relevant aspects of your experience
the process of making career choice begins with
creating a career plan
in planning your career itinerary, in your first year of college, it is important to________
take a variety of classes
which of the following is NOT something that instructors expect their students to do
refrain from questioning the instructor
many college students work too many hours during the week
to support a certain lifestyle
employers have begun to focus on key competencies like ______ in addition to skills are related work experience in making hiring decisions
integrity and initiative
writing proficiency and computer literacy are great examples of what?
content skills
the textbook chapter begins by describing today's economy as
global, unstable, innovative, without boundaries, customized, ever-changing, and social
the task of creating a career path is ultimately
your responsibility
the best way to manage your image online is to
all of the above
a major difference between working on campus and working off campus is that _________
working on campus provides you with valuable contacts and influential people
in the event that you may have a problem with your instructor , it is best to
have a discussion with the instructor and work your way up the administrative ladder
motivation in college is considered to be the responsibility of
each individual
a roommate should be
someone with whom you can share your living space comfortably
the best way to break off a relationship with someone is to
do it cleanly and calmly
most campus organizations
bring like-minded students together and are open to any student
_________ is the variation of social and cultural identities among people living together
the purpose of general education courses is to
expose you to a wide range of topics and issues
you should try to avoid
segregating yourself into a group of people with similar economic means
when using online resources, it is best to
all of the above
one of the educational benefits of social networking is that
both b and c