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PR - Chapter 5: Ethical Considerations


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6 Criteria of a Profession
1. Professional associations
2. Specialized educational preparation
3. A body of theory-based knowledge
4. Codes of ethics and standards of performance
5. Autonomy in practice
6. Recognition by the community
International Association of Business Communicators (IABC)
This International Professional Org created a professional development guide for practitioners to help them identify the skills and knowledge necessary for attaining career goals and an ethics review committee to enforce a code of ethics.
International Public Relations Association (IPRA)
This International Professional Org is formally recognized by the UN, as well as by the Economic and Social Council and UNESCO. They promote recognition, high standards and ethics among practitioners working in international aspects of PR.
This National Professional Organization is the largest PR professional org in the world, headquartered in NYC.
Fiduciary Relationships
Entering this means that the professional holds you and possibly your possessions, in trust and is obliged to act in your best interest
PRs value to society is enhanced when..
1. It promotes the free, ethical competition of ideas, information and education in the marketplace of public opinion

2. It reveals the sources and goals of participants in the debate

3. It enforces high standards of conduct
PRs value to society is diminished when..
1. It suppresses or otherwise limits competition of ideas

2. It hides or ascribes o others the true sources of PR efforts

3. It leaves unchallenged incompetent or unethical practice
To qualify as a profession, practitioners -- both individually and collectively -- must operate as ____ ______ in society
Moral agents
Code of Ethics
Otherwise known as 'professional norms'
In the US, the principal code is that of the ____, this code of professional standards was adopted in ____
PRSA, 1954
Whether a code is used or not often matters less than....
Who is responsible for making ethical decisions
Accountability in a profession means...
That practitioners must face up to the consequences of their actions
Occupaional Licensure
The permission granted by the state or government to engage in a specific occupation
Three Basic Constitutional Issues Raised w/ Licensing
1. The right of freedom of expression
2. The right of the states to regulate occupations
3. The right of individuals to pursue occupations without unjustified government interference