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  1. malevolent
  2. eclipse
  3. quiver
  4. tendentious
  5. dismal
  1. a causing gloom or depression
  2. b to overshadow
  3. c showing hatred; dangerous
  4. d having a bias; favoring a cause (usually in print)
  5. e to shake; to tremble from fear or cold

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  1. careful about every detail or behavior
  2. casual; disdainful
  3. proper or fitting with respect to established customs
  4. to improve though change or correction
  5. harsh and disagreeable in sound

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  1. prosea collection of valuable items


  2. fatuoussmugly foolish; complacently stupid


  3. exegesiscritical explanation or analysis especially of a text


  4. lineamentsto improve though change or correction


  5. parochiala flat-bladed tool used to spreading cement


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