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  1. fatuous
  2. parochial
  3. exegesis
  4. encroach
  5. quiver
  1. a to shake; to tremble from fear or cold
  2. b smugly foolish; complacently stupid
  3. c restricted; limited; narrow; local
  4. d critical explanation or analysis especially of a text
  5. e to infringe; to intrude; to trespass

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  1. new word or phrase
  2. the ordinary form of written or spoken language, without rhyme or meter
  3. causing gloom or depression
  4. casual; disdainful
  5. relevant

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  1. seemlyproper or fitting with respect to established customs


  2. punctiliouscareful about every detail or behavior


  3. trowela flat-bladed tool used to spreading cement


  4. bourgeoisiethe middle class


  5. trovea collection of valuable items