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  1. quiver
  2. prose
  3. irk
  4. malevolent
  5. encroach
  1. a the ordinary form of written or spoken language, without rhyme or meter
  2. b to infringe; to intrude; to trespass
  3. c showing hatred; dangerous
  4. d to irritate or be wearisome
  5. e to shake; to tremble from fear or cold

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  1. having a bias; favoring a cause (usually in print)
  2. a group active in inventing and applying new techniques especially in the arts
  3. new word or phrase
  4. smugly foolish; complacently stupid
  5. to overshadow

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  1. dissonantharsh and disagreeable in sound


  2. parochialrestricted; limited; narrow; local


  3. pertinentrelevant


  4. seemlydeviation from church doctrine or from an established belief


  5. exegesiscritical explanation or analysis especially of a text