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  1. amend
  2. parochial
  3. pedigree
  4. avant-grade
  5. punctilious
  1. a record of ancestry; family tree
  2. b a group active in inventing and applying new techniques especially in the arts
  3. c restricted; limited; narrow; local
  4. d careful about every detail or behavior
  5. e to improve though change or correction

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  1. the middle class
  2. harsh and disagreeable in sound
  3. to irritate or be wearisome
  4. causing gloom or depression
  5. casual; disdainful

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  1. trovea collection of valuable items


  2. neologismnew word or phrase


  3. eclipseto overshadow


  4. exegesiscritical explanation or analysis especially of a text


  5. fatuousa collection of valuable items