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describe hydrocephalus
a variety of conditions characterized by an excess of fluid within the cranial vault, subarachnoid space or both. Occurs because of interference with the CSF flow caused by increased fluid production, obstruction within the ventricular system, or defective reabsorption of the fluid. A papilloma may rarely cause overproduction of CSF.
noncommunicating (or internal) hydrocephalus
obstructed flow caused by mass lesions or rarely congenital abnormalities in the ventricular system. Seen mostly in children. obstructed CSF causes atrophy of the cerebral cortex and degeneration of the white matter, there can be selective preservation of the gray matter.
communicating hydrocephalus
without obstruction. seen mostly in adults
hydrocephalus diagnosis and treatment
physical exam, CT scan, and MRI. treated with surgery to resect cysts, neoplasms, or hematomas. Bentricular bypass into the normal intracranial channel or into an extracranial compartment by a shunt.