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  1. Relational Database
  2. Goal-seeking Analysis
  3. Blog, Vlog, Podcast
  4. Spyware
  5. C2C
  1. a database model in which all data elements are placed in 2D tables called relations that are the logical equivalent of files
  2. b types of consumer generated media
  3. c consumer to consumer e commerce (such as craigslist or eBay)
  4. d the process of determining what problem data is required for a given result
  5. e software installed on a computer without the user's knowledge to either monitor the user or allow an outside party to control the computer

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  1. developed to get certain information at a person's request
  2. automate many of the tasks required in a systems development effort
  3. Antivirus, Firewall, Antispyware
  4. acts as a free agent, replicating itself numerous times in an effort to overwhelm systems
  5. GDSS Software

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  1. Heuristicscommonly accepted guidelines or procedures that usually find a good solution, but not necessarily the optimal solution—are often used in the decision-making process


  2. Encryptioncombines traditional disciplines, like science and medicine, with computer systems and technology


  3. Structured Query Language (SQL)most popular data manipulation language


  4. Data Integrityprocess that involves evaluating data to identify problems with the content of a database


  5. Group decision support systemsmake use of Infrared, Near Field Communication (NFC), or RFID technologies to support contactless payments using a cell phone