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  1. Security holes
  2. Biometrics
  3. Group decision support systems
  4. Primary Key
  5. Surveillance
  1. a software bugs that allow violations of information security
  2. b the science and technology of authentication by scanning and measuring a person's unique physical features such as fingerprints, retinal patterns, and facial characteristics
  3. c the close monitoring of behavior
  4. d A field that uniquely identifies a record
  5. e designed to provide effective support in group decision-making settings

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  1. the criminal act of using stolen information about a person to assume that person's identity, typically for financial gain
  2. the process of determining what problem data is required for a given result
  3. clicking links through a series of web pages to find additional information
  4. corrections to the software bugs that cause security holes
  5. Business to business e commerce

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  1. War DrivingThe act of driving through neighborhoods with a wireless notebook looking for unsecured wifi networks


  2. Offshoringbusiness practice that relocates an entire production line to another location in order to enjoy cheaper labor


  3. E commerce systemsystems that support electronically executed business transactions


  4. Total information securitysecuring all components of the global digital information infrastructure


  5. Proximity Payment Systemform of e commerce that takes place over wireless mobile devices such as handheld computers and cell phones


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