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  1. Total information security
  2. E commerce system
  3. WiFi Security
  4. Database
  5. Surveillance
  1. a A collection of data organized to meet user's needs
  2. b Newly purchased access points typically have no security features enabled
  3. c systems that support electronically executed business transactions
  4. d securing all components of the global digital information infrastructure
  5. e the close monitoring of behavior

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  1. sharing copyright material is bad and against the law
  2. a form of terrorism that uses attacks over the Internet to intimidate and harm a population
  3. business to consumer e commerce (such as amazon)
  4. a systems development process that follows a defined life cycle, much like SDLC, and typically involves defining requirements, designing the system, implementation and programming, evaluation, and operation
  5. specific language provided with the DBMS that allows people and other database users to access, modify, and make queries about data contained in the database, and to generate reports

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  1. Decision Support System (DSS)designed to provide effective support in group decision-making settings


  2. Safeguards for protection against data destroyed by malicious software and hacking attemptstransform large quantities of data into specific and valuable information for accomplishing some goal


  3. Data Dictionarydetailed description of all data used in the database


  4. Database Administrator (DBA)detailed description of all data used in the database


  5. Wormacts as a free agent, replicating itself numerous times in an effort to overwhelm systems