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Released by adrenal cotex, increases glucose and is anti - inflammatory

FSH (follicle- stimulating hormone)

this hormone begins development of egg in ovary

Calcitonin (CT)

this hormone reduces calcium levels in blood


thyroid hormone with 3 atoms of iodine

Antidiurectic Hormone (ADH)

released by posterior pituitary and increases water in body


example of mineral corticod

Lutenizing hormone (LH)

increases in level and causes ovulation


hormone stimulates uterine contraction and brings on labor


Released by adrenal medulla, reinforces sympathetic nervous system


released by pancreatic islets causing a drop in blood sugar level

Growth hormone

hypersecretion of this causes acromegaly

acromegaly means


parathyroid hormone

increases level of calcium in blood


this hormone plays important part in immune system


released by pancreatic islets and increases glucose in blood


made in pineal gland, affects biological clock


hormone produced in the pitutary gland and stimulates release of hormones from adrenal cortex

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