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Sept. 4, 2013 Josh Rouse Unit 1 Literary Terms


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is a feeling of anxious curiosity about what is going to happen next in a story
Example: He was not alone.
time and place in which a story takes place
Example: The space frontier. Galactic expansion.
a comparison between two seemingly unlike things using a connective word ( like, as, than, or resembles). These two things will actually habe something in common.
Example: acceptance of ping he saw coming like a heavy and unexpected physical blow.
technical language unique to and understood by a specific group.
Example: "Any stowaway discovered in an EDS shall be jettisoned immediately following discovery."
reference to a statement person, place, or event from literary history that needs no explanation.
Example: An opportunist seeking transportation to the new colonies where he might find golden fleece for the taking.
a comparison between two seemingly unlike things( with no connective word). These two things will actually have something in common.
Example: She obeyed, his silence making the smile fade into the meek and guilty expression of a pup that has been caught in mischief and knows it must be punished.
central idea or insight revealed by a work of literature
Example: There is no margin of safety alnog the rim of the frontier; there can't be until the way is made for the others who will come later, until the new worlds are tamed and settled. Until then men will have to pay the penalty for making mistakes, with no one to help them, because there is no one to help them.
a word used as a more delicate or acceptable term for a more harsh one
Example: He would not hate the EDS pilot for doing nothing to prevent her going.
when a nonhuman thing is talked about as if it were human
Example: Then the pencil would resume its whispering to the paper.
individual in a a story poem,or play and the traits that define and describe that character
Example: For the first time he saw that she was no wearing Vegan gypsy sandals, but only cheap imitations. She must have left college in her second year. Help her brother provide for her parents.
all the meanings, associations , or emotions a word suggests
Example: He shoved the red lever back to close the door on the empty air lock and turned away, to walk to the pilot's chair with the slow steps of man old and weary.
descriptive language that appeals to one or more of the five senses
Example: Woden was a ball, enshrouded in the blue haze of its atmosphere, swimming in space against the background of star-sprinkled dead blackness.