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the Study of Language Chapter 4


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What is the difference between a phoneme and an allophone?
Different meanings and different words come as a result of the difference when you change phonemes, the only thing that changes when you change allophones is a different pronunciation of the same word. We can see this evidence in the difference between how Americans speak English and how British people speak English.
What is an aspirated sound and which of the following words would normally be pronounced with one: kill, pool, skill, spool, stop, top?
An aspirated sound is one that is pronounced with a strong puff of air coming from the mouth. The word that would be pronounced with one is, "pool."
What is an aspirated sound and which of the following would normally be treated as minimal pairs? ban, fat, pit, bell, tape, heat, meal, more, pat, tap, pen, chain, vote, bet, far, bun, goat, heel, sane, tale, vet.
The following words should be treated as minimal pairs: fat and pat
What is meant by the phonotactics of a language?
That there are definite patterns to the said language.
What is the difference between an open and closed syllable?
Open syllables have only an onset and a nucleus, but no coda. Closed syllables include a code.
Which segments in the pronunciation of the following worlds are most likely to be affected by elision? (i) government (ii) postman (iii) pumpkin (iv) sandwich (v) victory