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What does it take to be cynic today?
-Popular and have a following, respect and taken serious. Commitment, internally strong. Take criticism from others.
-What are our values now? Cynics Criticize wealth, beauty.
-What do cynics in our society criticize...wealth, beauty, power, recognition, monetary success. They are expressed through celebrities who we look up to. All through the media and so much focus on wealth. People we put on a pedestal are what we want. Judge our success on how other people appreciate it. Have to have a large enough following, documented on social media. You need to be educated so other people believe you.
-Who if anybody is trying to play the role of cynic today but failing to do so? Being vulgar or rude without any redeeming social critique:
False cynism: Trolls on internet who don't have any research to back.

Values in society: Intellect (person who doesn't respect learning is an error/dumb but we are not hurt by that) , monetary success , popularity, beauty, health (if someone doesn't value health they are dumb), politeness, power, patriotism (ex. kneeling for the flag...we would be offended if the value is violated), athleticism, race, religion (could be offended).

To what extent does the values discussed constitute offense vs. concern
Choose clear things that would lead to offense

-Burn a flag
-Kneeling for national anthem

-draw on certain stereotypes

How would a person decide how to be a person to flunk these values in a productive vs. unproductive fashion. Be a cynic in a proper sense and in an improper sense?