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AP world history period 3 exam

what is one method the Aztecs used to keep subjects under their control
They forced them to pay tribute which kept them under control
what are two reasons why subjects were ready to rebel against the Aztecs when Europeans arrived
one is that the Aztecs began demanding more and more tribute. another is that the subjects were the ones used mainly for the Aztec human sacrifices
what goods were traded in the sahara
gold, salt
what good was most valuable in the sahara
what were the silk roads
a collection of trade routes between Europe and asia
what were some positive effects of the silk road
spread of ideas, increased trade, Europeans gained immunity to certain diseases bcuz of Asians, spread of technology, spread of religion
How did the silk roads affect peasants
it sparked in them a desire for change which led them to revolting against feudalism, they started gaining lands and owning production companies
Does russia adopt Mongol traditions
Russian princes adopt way of gov't
Who gained most out of Mongol expansion
Europeans because they had the funding to mimic Mongolian military tactics
were Mongols tolerant
How does the Mongols combining the idea of agricultural societies and pastoral societies become important in later history
it unifies Eurasia which causes a blending of cultures
Who was most affected by the black death
the lower class because they were needed for labor
what are junks
trading ships that carried goods of Indian ocean trade
what is indianization
the spread of India beyond india
How does indianization affect southeast asia
causes the spread of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam as well as the creation of a spice trade and increase in education
what is the subsaharan
a trade route through the Sahara desert that was dangerous because of vicious weather the journey was made easier by camels
what was the trade structure in the americas
it was localized not regional
out of the Incas and the Aztecs who developed a centralized government
the Incas and the state controlled area caused the middle class to disappear
what empire conquered most of eurasia
the Mongols
what are the sandsroads
the subsaharan version of the silk roads. as a result they eventually connect the Mediterranean and bring trade to the interior of West Africa with Europe which enabled slavery
why was there population growth during the tang and song dynasties
because of an agricultural surplus caused by a hybrid rice from vietnam
what was the Chinese tribute system
it was where the Chinese allowed people to come into the country and for a fee were allowed to stay and trade
what was the relationship between China and korea
They traded goods, language,culture,centralized government
what contributed to China's economic prosperity
the canals
what happened if you didn't participate in the Chinese tribute system
you weren't allowed to trade with china
did anyone decline to pay China's fee
korea and japan
based on China's new technology what caused a need for innovation in Europe
what was east Asia's primary religion
what was pre Islamic Arabia like
Zoroastrianism was the main religion but there was also Christianity and Judaism
what was the big disagreement in islam
Sunnis and show argue over who should be leader of islam
How does Islam get involved with the silk road
They are the regional the between Asia and Europe and as a result Islam begins to spread
How far does the Arabian empire expand
as far West as Spain and as far east as india
why is Islam so enticing
because it offered people a solution to financial and social problems
what was the biggest invention out of the Arabian empire
where did Islam roots come from
what made the Byzantine Empire strong at first
Constantinople because it was a center of trade
what were the crusades
a fight for the holy lands which caused Christianity to go back into western world as they lost their foothold in the middle east
what split the church
disagreement over iconoclasm
did the crusades go outside the middle east
where did the center of Europe shift to
How did western Europe structure themselves
where did Mongols invade
Asia, Eurasia, Africa, China, tried to invade Japan, kievan rus, and they stretched from the Pacific to the Mediterranean
How were the Mongols different in conquest
They used horses, leaders fought alongside men, had siege weapons, made conquered people join the military, and they didn't settle where they conquered