10 terms

Fall List 3

Cartesian coordinate system
a method of locating points in the plane that uses pairs of numbers denoting distances along two fixed intersecting number lines, called axes
Metric unit of measure that equals 10 millimeters
a line segment whose endpoints are on a circle
a planar geometric figure in which every point on the figure is the same distance from a point at the center
the distance around a circle, also called the perimeter of the circle
any factor or any product of factors of a product
commutative property
a property of real numbers that states that for any real numbers a and b, a + b = b + a and a x b = b x a
complex fraction
a fraction whose numerator or denominator (or both) contains a fraction
concave polygon
a polygon in which one or more interior angles have a measure greater than 180 degrees
conditional equation
an equation whose truth or falsity depends on the numbers used to replace the variables in the equation