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s/he pushes

su aspecto

his/her looks

tú mismo


va a pasear

s/he is going for a walk

qué será, será

whatever will be, will be

se casa

s/he gets married

se casó

s/he got married

la más

the most (about a girl)

el más

the most (about a boy)

se queda

s/he stays

se quedó

s/he stayed

se burla de

s/he makes fun of

se burló de

s/he made fun of

se enamora de

s/he falls in love with

se enamoró de

s/he fell in love with

conoce a

s/he meets

conoció a

s/he met

conocía a

s/he knew

lo maltratan

they mistreat him

lo molesta

s/he bothers him




no one

se cepilla

s/he brushes his/her teeth

se cepilló

s/he brushed his/her teeth

el armario

the closet

se mete

s/he gets into/becomes

se metía

s/he got into/became


s/he attends


s/he attended

una beca

a scholarship


s/he saves


s/he saved

el basurero

the garbage

saca buenas notas

s/he gets good grades

sacó buenas notas

s/he got good grades

por eso

that's why

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