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How computers work


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The centeral processing unit, sometimes called the microprocesser; carries millions of electrical signals each second
Carry out any extra tasks not built in to the main board
Basic Input output system
the memory whcich tells the computer what to when it starts up
stands for Random Access Memory: computer uses RAM to store instructions and data while its running
CD ROM Drive
stands for computer read only memory drive
Output Devices
communicate back to the user, what is being processed
one dot on the screen which is lit up by electrons hitting a glass screen coated with a chemical called phosphorus
a tiny circut board with millions of switches located inside the CPU chip
the smallest unit of data possible in a computer a one or zero
a cycle or clock tick per second
Hard Disk Drive
where programs and files are saved permanently
Hard Disk
stores zero and ones in magnetic form, and reads them with and electromagnetic head
is a home to a lot of the important components in a computer is the brain of the computer
Cooling fan
cools the CPU
Power Supply
provides power at the right voltage to all of the different parts of the computer