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Sci7 3.4/ Igneous / Metamorphic Rock // 3.5 Sedimentary Rocks ///3.6 Rock Cycle


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extrusive rock
igneous rock that forms when lava cools on Earth's surface.
intrusive rock
igneous rock that forms when magma hardens underground.
foliated rock
thin , flat layering or bands of rock found in most metamorphic rock
small, solid pieces of material that come from rock or living things . (slb)
effects of freezing/thawing , plant roots and other forces on rocks.
process water ,wind , ice carry away bits of broken up rock.
process that the sediment settles out of th water or wind carrying it.
process that presses the sediment together .
process that dissolved minerals crystallize and glue particles of sediment together .
clastic rock
sedimentary rock formed when fragments are squeezed together .
organic rock
forms where remains of plants/animals are deposited in layers .
chemical rock
when minerals dissolved in a water solution crystallize. or mineral deposits left after seas or lakes evaporate.
rock cycle
the sequence or patterns that occur to form new rock . (results of weathering , erosion , deposition , heat , pressure , melting , earthquakes, volcanic activity )