Terms for Huck Finn

A novel about the trials and tribulations of growing up
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Writers of this trend value the creative function of he imagination, often claiming that this faculty helps one arrive at greater truths than those revealed by facts or logic, frequently desire to return to the past in some way, to escape from day-to-day problems of the present, idealized small town life> the writers of this style wanted people to know what it was like in the smaller part of U.S.
Writers of this trend are less concerned with their own subjective responses and more concerned with the tangible words outside their psyches. Generally deal with the social problems of real persons in real places in the present, settings are ordinary, characters are ordinary, and their focus is on life as it is rather than what it might beRealismWriters of this trend specialize in describing places, events, manners, and even the speech of specific regions and locales, this movement is considered fundamentally realistic as a whole, strove to write dialogue that sounded the way people actually spoke, generally described places with great fidelity of detail, basically interested in portraying and analyzing ordinary people and eventsRegionalism or local color writingRealism carried to an extreme people, like everything else in the universe, are subject to natural laws, human beings do not have free will, they are driven by powerful and blind biological urges, people are simply slaves to their heredity and environment, writers of this use great masses of detail in depicting human experiences, and they dealt with the uglier side of lifeNaturalism or determinism