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Wall with Torah Niche
Dura-Europas, Early Christian and Jewish, 200-600
Good Shepherds, Orants, and Story of Jonah, Rome
Early Christian and Jewish, 200-600
The Transfiguration of Christ with Sant'Apollinare
Ravenna, Byzantine, 330-1450
Purse Cover
Sutton Hoo, Celtic, 500-850
Chi Rho Iota
Book of Kells, Celtic, 500-850
Palace Chapel of Charlemagne
Aachen, Carolingian, 750-900
Matthew the Evangelist
Coronation Gospels, Carolingian, 750-900
Gero Crucifix
Ottonian, 900-1050
Doors of Bishop Bernward
Hildesheim, Ottonian, 900-1050
Reliquary of Sainte-Foi
Conques, Romanesque, 1050-1180
Plan of Cathedral of Saint James
Santiago de Compostela, Romanesque, 1050-1180
South Portal of Saint-Pierre
Moissac, Romanesque, 1050-1180
Chartres Cathedral, Gothic, 1140-1400
West Facade
Reims Cathedral, Gothic, 1140-1400
Annunciation and Visitation
Reims Cathedral, Gothic, 1140-1400